You probably spent several hours playing the games I'm creating over the last 30 years, something I'm doing even before Internet exists and many of you were not even born.

To each hour you played I spent at least over a thousand hours working to make all this possible and available for free. Few projects like Frontlines I spent over 10 years in the making, using for many periods all my free time, and gave to you for free much more than the original COD gave you in 15, but you spent over a thousand dollars buying each one of them, like I did myself.

We all spent several dollars on Steam every year (me inclued) buying many games that we think we will love and play for several hours and get lots of fun, but sadly most of them are always disappointing. Many of them we played for just few hours and uninstall to never reinstall again in our lifetime, and others we still never cared to even try.

So why not spent at least few dollars sometimes with the games you already played for several hours/years for free, and probably will play a lot more, specially if I could always provide free updates and addons?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not wanting to make a living with this, it was never my intention and would not be possible anyway even if I wish. Of course I always know that will be very low return and was my desire in make all those games and released for free, I'll never regret it.

But I'm not a kid with lots of free time anymore, I'm a husband and a dedicated father, and aside all the costs of living of my family which is not easy in Brazil there's also all the costs to keep everything online, specially servers.

We had servers all around the globe when AOWC was online, we had a great deal and they believed in my work. Since they closed doors because the lack of dedicated servers in the modern games, and all remaining companies are dying for the same reason, any of them are open to any kind of deals anymore, so if I want more servers, I need to pay for them.

The entire Brazilian structures of Blood Culture are supported by brazilians which sent me donations every month to let work with mods and keep all the servers online. I would like to make this in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, Africa... every part of the world, but for this I need your help, there's no other way, it's pure math.

I spent a lot more money than I received as a modder in these decades, but for now on this must change or means you don't care enough to spent even a dollar/month to play my creations, so why should I spent my money/time to keep doing it?

I really hope be able to continue my work, but it's up to you now.
Thank you.