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Frontlines AirFight

The gametype AirFight was designed to be a Team Deathmatch between Choppers, where up to 8 Choppers can fight in the air at the same time, then the team which shot down more Choppers wins. This was intented to be played by few players while waiting for more people connect to the real fun started.

All players become the Gunner of his Chopper and must shoot down the enemy's Chopper taking care to not shoot his friends and his own Chopper. The ammo is very large but not infinite, but I bet someone will shoot you down first then you become out of ammo.

Well, the initial feedback was great but people always want more, so I thought why not make this even more chaotic? So I simply added also infantry in this battle, so it's a TDM gametype with Soldiers in the ground and Choopers in the sky, and we have from the basic Ground-Ground and the new Air-Air combats, till the Air-Ground-Air combats, which made an amazing upgrade to this gametype, which now can be played with LOTS of players.

But don't worry, I didn't killed the original AirFight gametype, if you run this gametype with until 8 players on the server, you will get the old version, which just Choppers, no soldiers in the ground. With more than 8 players will start to have also infatry in the ground and 1 chopper to each side. How many more players on the server, more choppers will be available to each side until the limitation of 4 to each side.

All this is automatic, but you can set the number of Choppers at your server as a fixed number if you wish. But it's really recommended to play this gametype (with infantry) with at least 16 players, remembering that with just few, the Choppers will never find soldiers in the ground to kill and will become a little boring. So full your server, and enjoy an Epic War with the AirFight gametype.

!!! WARNING !!!

The Choppers start to spawn in random places in the map, sometimes far away from the combat zone, so don't worry, your chopper will be ready to combat in few seconds.

Of course you can't play this gametype into maps without Heli Support, or maps with a very bad/small Heli paths... how much more bigger the maps and paths more fun is this gametype, specially the ones witch have some buildings/mountains in the same high which the helis fly.

This is a respawn gametype.

AirFight Options
. scr_airfight_timelimit
. scr_airfight_scorelimit
. scr_airfight_roundlimit
. scr_airfight_numlives
. scr_airfight_playerrespawndelay
. scr_airfight_waverespawndelay
. scr_airfight_choppers