COD4 | Frontlines


The attackers must assault the enemy base destroying both targets then Kill his General as fast as possible. The defenders must avoid that at all costs, or at least delay it how much as possible.

If the attackers succeed, they will do it at some time. This time will be the timelimit to the next round where the teams change positions. So now the attackers must complete all objectives in that timelimit. If they succeed, they win the Battle, if not the other team wins.

If both teams not succeed in complete all their objectives, who did more points will win the Battle. For exemple if one team destroyed 2 targets and the other just one, who destroyed 2 will win the match. But if both completed the same number of objectives, we gonna have a Draw.

The General only spawns after the 2 first objectives been completed. So the first player from the defense team which respawn will be the General. The General only have one life, while their soldiers still can respawn.

It's a multibomb game with respawn in waves.

Assault Options
. scr_assault_timelimit
. scr_assault_bombtimer
. scr_assault_planttime [recommended half of defusetime]
. scr_assault_defusetime [recommended double of planttime]
. scr_assault_playerrespawndelay
. scr_assault_waverespawndelay
. scr_assault_type [define the bombs 0-3]

Assasult Type Options
Type Result
0 Random Objective
1 Targets A & B
2 Targets B & C
3 Targets A & C