COD4 | Frontlines

Change Log


. AI Soldiers - Deadly and Smart Bots playing all gametypes, modes and using all weapons
. Coop Missions - Play Campaing like missions in any multiplayer map
. Forever Concept - Now everything is random with millions of combinations changing each round
. Airborne Mode to ALL 52 gametypes, doubling the amount of gametypes available
. Chaos Mode to ALL 52 gametypes, doubling again the amount of gametypes available
. Airborne Target - Now you can Select the area to drop off
. Virus (A new Mission gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Mission]
. Resist (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Waves]
. Tags (like Kill Confirmed with a twist) [Sub-Gametype of Team Deathmatch]
. Demolition (Black Frontlines version) [Sub-Gametype of Search & Destroy]
. Pilot (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Escort]
. Officers (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Survivors]
. Strike (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Assault]
. Countdown (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Nuke]
. Overcome (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Docs]
. Last Man Standing (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Deathmatch]
. S-1 (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Deathmatch]
. Mission Gametype will now work even if the maps is not compatible with Airborne Mode
. Swarm Gametype will now work even if the maps is not compatible with Sabotage
. Weapon's Menus Relative to each Army
. Heli Gunner now jump with parachutes if Airborne Mode enable
. Heli Gunner can now Overheat
. Choppers may explode in midair if hit by a RPG
. Spawn Protection to Paratroopers improved
. Intelligent Spawn Protection is now simply perfect!
. Points System redone to give more to players focused in objective and teamplay
. Stars & Medals System to give Hardpoints instead of Killstreaks
. Limit number of RPG, GL, 3Frags and Snipers of each team
. Improved way of Medic save his friends
. Improved way of use a Computer/Terminal
. Better Weapons for Default Classes
. Damage on Lethal parts of body improved like Black Frontlines
. First Random Map
. When changes Map Rotations will force that all maps were loaded before the reset
. Bad maps list doesn't need to exist anymore, now just set respective map options and it's done!
. Default Gametypes list added to run one of these Gametypes in case of crash because a bad custom map
. Spam Messages increased to up to 100 (0-99)
. Fixed CTF double flag bug
. Negative Score automatic Spec/Kick
. AFK Control
. Frontlines Obituaries now don't show deaths on the scoreboard anymore
. Clays/C4 are not removed anymore at Waves/Resist gametypes after Respawn
. Map mp_cdi_mision_bunker completely adapted to Frontlines and Airborne
. Option to Drop Suitcases/Notebooks/Docs/Flags/Bombs/etc...
. VIP Players have Defend/Escort 2d/3d Icons on the Map
. Killcam always will be disable at mp_arkona to avoid a map bug
. New Killcam views
. Final Killcam
. 170 Ranks to Level up
. 5 IPs available to use redirect instead of 1 in the older version
. Lots of Blood Culture Textures
. Lots of Optimizations

6.2 R3L04D

. Added command to fix your incomplete promotions by disconnects in the middle of promotions
. Teams are also logged into War Server log to make it easier to continue a War with the same team
. Tactical Mode now not allow jumps anymore. But you still can climb walls, ladders, cars, etc...
. Added new var to control the weight of the soldier while jumping in the server
. Mission gametype don't give more 10 points to the team which complete all tasks first, but just 1 point + an extra point to each minute ahead. With that, retreat before the nuclear strike will be more important to the final result
. Now may spit blood in your face with a very close range kill
. Spawn fixes in the maps mp_hollow and mp_iranian_embassy2
. Fixed few small bugs

6.1 R3L04D

. New Parachute Model
. War Effects updated with even more realistic battlefields (everything is random)
. Brand New Chaotic version of Airfight gametype with also soldiers on the ground
. New option to play Nuke gametype with Respawn without Respawn Killing
. Any chopper in the air during a Nuke strike will be destroyed
. Added Noob options to play Rescue gametype where the Prisoner it's a lot harder to kill
. Invasion gametype have new balanced respawn delay for the defenders
. Quake Style Binds (Go direct to the weapon you want! no need more to scroll the list!)
. Spawn Protection against Clays were removed from DM gametype and to ANY Paratroopers
. Clays now explodes 3x faster after armed
. New explosion FX to Clays
. Who Retreat with success at Mission gametype will now be able to fly around to watch the Nuke strike
. Frontlines Wall mode let the shots across walls a lot more balanced than original
. Frontlines Prizes (Unlocks)
. Killhouse original bug fixed! now you can play almost all gametypes at killhouse
. Fixed few small bugs
. Few misstype english errors

6.0 R3L04D

. Frontlines Commands - Easy and Fast way to admin the server in real time
. War Server : Battles Mode up to 3999 battles in the same war!
. Over 2400 Weapons Modes with 16 pre-defined modes
. New Zillion Mode to Weapons Modes
. New Cyborg Mode to Weapons Modes
. New Nade Mode to Weapons Modes
. New GL Mode to Weapons Modes
. New Custom Mode to Weapons Modes
. New Random Mode to Weapons Modes
. Frontlines Weapons, brand new balance and behavior!
. 2 types of Ammo to Snipers : Long Range x Perfuration (you can change ingame!)
. 4 Different Support Strikes (Tactical Airstrike/Heavy Bombing Strike/Artillery Strike/Mortar Strike)
. Frontlines Tactical Movement
. Virtual Gametypes to override the limit of 30 gametypes of the engine
. Airborne (New gametype)
. AirFight (New gametype)
. Capture The Flag (New Gametype)
. Evac (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Escape]
. Invasion (New gametype)
. Mission (New gametype)
. Reinforcements (New gametype)
. Savage (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Wrath]
. Snipers (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of War]
. Strike (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Assault]
. Surrender (New gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Invasion]
. Support (New gametype)
. Survivors (New gametype)
. Swarm (New Gametype) [Sub-Gametype of Hill]
. Bomb Squads can arm/disarm bombs twice faster than others
. Option to add a Flag in Waves gametype to avoid defense to hide instead of hold the line
. Option to add a Flag in Battlefront gametype to avoid defense to hide instead of hold the line
. Wrath: when eliminate the other team just stole their points from the respective round
. Wrath: who suicide while wounded or died by AntiCamp will not respawn
. Removed ALL Clays & C4 during the Knife Only overtime in Wrath & Exterminate
. Fixed Rescue gametype to play with Weapons Modes, now you can just wound the Prisioner!
. Chatban : Now you can ban a player from chat only
. Bad Map List : Set the problems of bad maps to the server avoid them
. Default Classes now are different to each army
. Option to set the chances to play the Default Weapon Mode selected in your config
. Weapons Modes from 2 to 6 can be played with frag nades!
. Fixed MGs are removed from Weapons Modes different then 0,7,8,9 & 10
. Fixed MGs are removed during Duels and during the Knife Only overtime in Wrath & Exterminate
. The Spy have now a silenced sniper and C4 in Spy gametype
. Slow FX when you get wounded (last stand) to avoid super fast reactions
. Anti-Crash system that will avoid 99.99% of crashes caused by bad coded maps
. Several bug fixes, tweeks and optimizations

5.01 Fixes

. Few English misstype corrections
. War Server scoreboard crash with over 48 players
. War Server x Uprising bug
. Now all weapons are removed during Wrath's Extra Time
. Now all weapons are removed during Exterminate's Extra Time
. Keep Heli Support for next round on Escape
. Keep Heli Support for next round on Escort
. Keep Heli Support for next round on Assassin/VIP
. Keep Heli Support for next round on Uprising
. Radar bug after punish players on Duel


. Help Mode (Realistic Freeze-Tag to all team based gametypes)
. Assassin/Spy (2 in 1 New Gametype)
. Assault (New Gametype)
. Docs (New Gametype)
. Escape (New Gametype)
. Escort (New Gametype)
. Flags (New Gametype)
. Hack (New Gametype)
. Hill (New Gametype)
. Nuke (New Gametype)
. Rescue (New Gametype)
. Targets (New Gametype)
. Unity (New Gametype)
. Uprising (New Gametype)
. Waves (New Gametype)
. Wrath (New Gametype)
. Chopper Damage Points
. New Light Infantry Mode
. Frontlines Map Changes
. Frontlines Hardpoints Streak
. Frontlines BombSquad now can disarm explosives and even revert claymores
. Chopper Map List (set the maps to NOT run Chopper gametype)
. Battlefront, Commander/VIP & Chopper also works in maps with just TDM respawns
. Timelimit to Duel: if they run instead fight both will be executed!
. Claymores removed during the Duel
. Frontlines LIVE Information
. New Optimized War Server Scoreboard
. Option to turn off obituaries
. UAV Perk: you can call now just ONE time in respawn gametypes
. War Server: removed option to set color of the teams (Axis=Red|Allies=Blue)
. War Server: team names now appears everywhere, not only at the final score
. War Server: Double XP during a War
. War Server: Option to turn off Obituaries just in the War
. Many small tweaks, fixes and optimizations


. Objective (New Gametype)
. Exterminate (New Gametype)
. Two new Wars to the War Server
. More options to config your War Server
. Now with HER it's almost impossible to die by nades impact
. Heli spawn protection added to HSP
. Many small tweaks and fixes


. War Server
. Random Map Rotation
. Medic System
. UAV Perk
. Weapons Modes have now Random weapons when you not select yours
. New Silent Mode to Weapons Modes
. Option to turn off Desert Eagle in Weapons Modes
. Hajas Size Rotation have a new size : HUGE
. Now you can specify in which gametypes we will have Anti-Camping ON
. More 10 Spam Messages (20 in total)
. Claymores Lasers have different colors to each team (icons removed)
. Smaller Icons to BombSquad
. Many small tweaks and fixes


. [HER] Hajas Extreme Realism (even without Hardcore)
. Frontlines Damage Feedback (Pain Sounds, Blood, new explosions FX, etc...)
. Frontlines Last Stand (Realistic)
. Chopper auto config depending of the number of players
. New Tactical and Infantry Modes to Weapons Modes
. Option to turn off Hardpoints just in Weapons Modes
. Option to Create a Class ingame without the need to disconnect (take effect in the next map)
. Show icons to VIP, Commander and Bomber in the scoreboard
. Anti-Camping counting in Prematch period was removed
. Anti-Camping new intelligent treatment about vertical move
. Anti-Camping option to punish the player with points loss aside the self suicide
. Option to disable the KILL icon in Sabotage
. Option to disable all 3D icons or choose their size ingame
. Fast way to Record demos ingame
. Progress bars moved to a better place
. Auto-Balance and Change Classes Messages are now smallers and in the bottom left
. Auto-Assign master list - list with who can choose the team even with AA on
. FIXED Bug : When duel was brupted interrupted was causing bad behavior in next round
. FIXED Bug : Original Roundlimit bug fixed
. Ultrastats 100% Compatible


. Chopper (new gametype)
. Option No-Repeat for Random Gametypes
. Option to have a Default Gametype for Random Gametypes
. Load server config file from menu for LAN gameplay
. Frontlines Tips
. Few tweeks


. Hajas Weapons (Bash, Pistol, Rifle, Sniper, Cop & Quake Modes)
. Random Hajas Weapons (with list setup)
. Random Gametypes (with list setup)
. Hajas Duel, the last two players will fight a duel to decide the round
. Hajas Size Rotation, the rotation and his rules are now relative to the number of players online.
. Hajas Anti-Camping - An Intelligent Anti-Camping System
. Hajas Drop - Drop ANY weapon that you are carrying when you want or die (C4, RPG, Claymore, etc... inclued!)
. Disable Hardpoints Options (UAV/Airstrike/Chopper)
. Disable Options to : Frags/Extra Frags/RPG/Granade Launcher
. Battlefront remember orders from time to time (setup in seconds)
. Commander/VIP automatic change from map to map in the same rotation
. Get back to your pre-selected class after left the Commander/VIP post
. Show the name of the Commander/VIP to his Teamates
. Commander Hardpoints (Now Commander can call UAV, Airstrike & Heli more easily than anyone)
. Force Auto-Assign
. New Frontlines Menu
. Frontlines Theme Music at Menu
. Updated Menus with all the new maps
. Few other small tweaks in the old features


. Fixed server crash if scr_commander_next 1 and server only with Attackers in Commander gametype


. Hajas Invert Sides
. RoundSwitchSpawn to both gametypes
. Hajas Server Spam
. Commander ( 2 in 1 new gametype)
. Commander's orders by sound and message to Battlefront gametype


. Hajas Spawn Protection
. New MOTD
. Battlefront (new gametype)
. Custom Classes
. Full Rank System