COD4 | Frontlines


This is another completely new gametype mode to any game or mod ever released before. Also based in realism like the others Frontlines' gametypes, which will put both teams in a tense and frenetic battle with tons of adrenaline.

In resume one team have the objective to shot down a Chopper which will fly over this location around determined hour, while the other team will try to protect the Chopper at all costs. Seams easy and simple, but is far beyond that...

First both teams didn't know when the Chopper will arrive or from where, all these values are random and can make your team wait more than you expected or can hold in that position, or can arrive earlier and behind you surprising everyone... And if the attackers eliminate all the defenses they will not win the round, they still need to shot down the Chopper, which is fully armed and strongest than ever before.


Chopper Gametype with Frontlines Tips The Defender Team have the objetive to Protect the Chopper at all costs from the enemy, but this doesn't mean that the defenders should camping and wait for the Attackers, in this case is better if they attack the enemy and if possible eliminate all of them before the Chopper arrives, or at least damage enough the enemy to let them more weak as possible, so they will not have enough fire power when the Chopper arrives.

The Attacker Team have the objetive to Shot Down the Chopper, but knows that have a strong resistense that will try to avoid that at all costs. Then if they rush against the enemy they probably will fail in this mission, but if they stay back also will be locked and will be smashed for the enemy. So the best way to do that is sub-divide your team in two squads, the Light Squad and the Heavy Squad.

The Light Squad should carry light weapons and must create a defense line to protect the Heavy Squad from the enemy forces, and do the possible to keep the enemy far away as possible, or at least to delay their attack. While the Heavy Squad will carry heavy weapons and tryed to get to good spots and keep your heads down while wait for the Chopper arrives, then try to shot the Chopper down.

But not only the Attacker Team should create two squads, the Defender Team should also let few observers (maybe snipers) to find good spots in higher places to find the location of the enemies, specially when they reveal their locations when the Chopper arrives. Then hit them with a sniper rifle or point their positions to the strikers eliminate them.

Because all that constant moving different tactics, there's no way to create a nice intelligent Anti-Camping System like in the others gametypes. So there's no Anti-Camping in Chopper gametype. And also there's no Duel because is not fun remove all their weapons with a fully armed Chopper on their heads, you can imagine what will always happen if I let Duel in this gametype. And now you already asked yourself about the Weapons Modes with Chopper, and yes... they cannot be used over this gametype, when you play Chopper, you will always play free to choose any weapons you want.

1st Objective     . Shoot Down the Chopper (Heavy Squad)
2nd Objective     . Protect the Heavy Squad (Light Squad)
Tactics     . Move as 2 squads
    . Heavy Squad need to find a protected spot
    . Light Squad need to create a defense line
    . Heavy Squad keep your heads down
    . Light Squad kill or delay the enemy
    . Wait the Chopper arrives
    . Shoot Down the Chopper

1st Objective     . Protect the Chopper
2nd Objective     . Eliminate all strike forces
Tactics     . Move as a line
    . Snipers should work as observers
    . The rest must hunt down all enemy forces
    . Best if succeed BEFORE the Chopper arrives
    . If Chopper arrives will reveal the enemy location
    . Snipers should point that to the team
    . Keep the enemy busy with their heads down
    . Keep like that until the Chopper left

So there's no timelimit in this gametype, if the Chopper was destroyed the Attackers will win, if the Chopper can run away, the Defenders will win the round.

The Timelimit is just use to calculate when the Chopper will arrive in the rounds. He will never arrive before the first minute, and after the last one. Between that, he can arrive at any time. That's why the smallest Timelimit available is 3 mins.

Chopper Options
. scr_chopper_timelimit
. scr_chopper_scorelimit
. scr_chopper_roundlimit
. scr_chopper_numlives
. scr_chopper_roundswitch
. scr_chopper_roundswitchspawn
. scr_chopper_sides_msg
. scr_chopper_armor
. scr_chopper_armor_auto
. scr_chopper_armor_1
. scr_chopper_armor_2
. scr_chopper_armor_3
. scr_chopper_armor_4

Be carefull to setup the right armor to the Chopper to have a great gameplay. The default value is 1, which is the same armor of the original Chopper.

The best way to choose the armor of the chopper is turn on the Automatic Armor, and set the levels relative to the number of the players online. So will always have a fair fight in this gametype.

If you don't want to use the Automatic Armor, I recommend to use this gametype in just one of the Hajas Size Rotation to make sure the game will be balanced, here the values that I recommend to each size.

Chopper Options
Players Online Chopper's Armor
8 1
16 2
24 3
32 4
more than 32 5

In default Frontlines config comes already configured to like the above settings.