COD4 | Frontlines


This is not just a completely new gametype mode to Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare, but this is a completely new gametype to any game or mod ever released before.

Commander - OpFor Did you ever imagine a Search & Destroy game mode without a bomb? And without something to explode? And without that marker telling you where exact is your objective?

"That's ok, if we don't have a target we don't need these markers... right?"

WRONG! we will still have a target...

Commander - SAS Woodland "Sure! I read your site! Now I remember... it's Battlefront!"

No, no, no... I mean with a single target, not all the enemies like in Battlefront, but with a single and specific objective, but now the target can also move!

"WTH??? How we gonna find the target if we don't have the markers and he is now MOVING? This is insane!"

Not really... let me explain... :D

Commander - Spetsnaz Commander - Marines Commander - SAS Urban

The Defender Team will have a Commander player with his unique and different skin armed only by a SMG and a Pistol (No Perks). Protect the Commander until the timelimit is the main objective to the Defender Team. His second objetive is eliminate all the enemies that will try to kill the Commander.

The Attacker Team of course have the objective to kill the Commander at all costs.

"Ok, sounds cool... but I don't get it how we gonna find the Commander?"

The Commander will be spawned at the spawn with the other team mates like a normal player, and that is the last know position that the Attacker Team have, and that's all.

When you are the Commander you will receive an alert message telling that you are the Commander in this round and will carry an icon on the HUD with the symbol of your army, which will be with you until the round end. And when you are a Soldier you will receive an alert message telling your objective in the round. In the pics below you can see all these alerts and icons on the HUD.

Commander - SAS Urban Commander - SAS Commander - Marines Commander - Spetsnaz Commander - Protect Commander - Kill


The Defender Team have at least 2 main tactics to follow:

1. Keep the Commander there and prepare the defenses to protect him at all costs.
2. Try to Move the Commander to another building/place/role/location and hide him while the others tries to eliminate all the Attacker Team.

Keep the Commander at the spawn will make the enemy know where the Commander is, but will be more easy and fast to set the defenses. While if you move the Commander aside you make he disappear to the enemy if you succeed, in this long way will probably have snipers with the eye in the target waiting for a clear shot... so anything could happen, even a fake Commander moving... who knows? :D

Objective     . Kill the Commander
Tactics     . Move as a squad (or many squads)
    . Search for the Commander defenses
    . Find a way to pass their defenses
    . Kill the Commander

Objective     . Protect the Commander
    . Eliminate all strike forces
Tactics     . Move as a squad (or many squads)
    . Establish defense positions
    . Move the Commander
    . Make the Commander disappear

So when the timelimit is over the Defenders will win the round if the Commander still alive, then the Attackers will need to Kill the Commander before reach the timelimit.


With just turning on a flag, you make the Commander become a fragile VIP, with really different uniforms of all the rest in the map and he will only carry a small pistol.

VIP defended by Marines With that we have a 2 in 1 gameype, Commander or VIP as the admin wish with a fast and easy way to setup.

Then of course we have different alert messages to each side in VIP mode, and also an unique and different icon to who is playing as VIP on the round.

With these two game modes in one gametype will bring to you a new and realistic gameplay like we can see in the movies all the time. Now you gonna live these moments playing Frontlines.

Kill the VIP You are the VIP Protect the VIP

Aside both seams so much similar, when you play you will start to know their differences and will realize then playing as Commander will be very different then playing as VIP. Also the tactics will be very diverse and must be adapted to each part of the map which the Commander/VIP was spotted.

The Commander is Dead! VIP Spotted! The VIP is Dead!

Will bring really new tactics to the Call Of Duty 4, like this one represented below when a squad try to force the VIP to move out from his hideway when have an sniper far away in the other building waiting for a clear shot to win the round.

The VIP is hidden! The VIP tryed to move... The VIP is Dead!

Commander/VIP Options
. scr_commander_name
. scr_commander_sides_msg
. scr_commander_timelimit
. scr_commander_scorelimit
. scr_commander_roundlimit
. scr_commander_numlives
. scr_commander_roundswitch
. scr_commander_roundswitchspawn
. scr_commander_next
. scr_commander_hardpoints

If VIP is ON, the Commander will be in fact the VIP of the defender team, he only carry a small pistol and also have a different skin then the Commander and the others. In VIP mode will give a lot more work to the defensors.

Next Commander/VIP Options
Type Result
0 Last ID (default) = newest player on the server
1 Best Score
2 Random