COD4 | Frontlines


We have 4 Targets to destroy when attack, but this time we have deadly TNT charges that will explode after armed anyway, there's no way to disarm them.

The only way the defense have to avoid the explosion is take the TNT away from the targets at all costs.

The TNT explosion it's so devastating that don't need to be so close of that targets to destroy them, even could destroy more than on target in the same detonation.

Once a TNT exploded, a new one is given to the attack team, placed on their spawn.

To arm the explosives just put it on the ground, the same will occurr if the TNT carrier dies, the TNT will be armed anyway.

A good tactic is to arm the TNT prior to reach the targets, to not let any free time to the defenders take the TNT away. But this tactic is dangerous and the TNT might explode in your hands.
It's a respawn gametype.

Countdown Options
. scr_countdown_timelimit
. scr_countdown_roundlimit
. scr_countdown_numlives
. scr_countdown_bombtimer
. scr_countdown_playerrespawndelay
. scr_countdown_waverespawndelay