COD4 | Frontlines

Capture The Flag

The old and famous Quake gametype Capture The Flag (aka CTF) was finally added to Frontlines by REALLY SEVERAL requests aside my small aversion to add since it's already have the same king of game in a more realistic version called Sabotage.

But CTF is very fun and will always be, so I decide to make everybody happy making a special version of CTF to Frontlines, which is the only CTF version to COD series where you can return your own flag even when you carry the enemy's flag. To any Quake players this sounds silly, but was really a suprise to know that for me too.

If you still don't know how to play this very old game, here a mini tutorial.

Both teams must protect his own flag while also need to capture the enemy's flag and bring back to your base (where your own flag is) to score. To score your flag must be there too of course!

If the enemy grab your flag kill him at all costs and just touch your flag to return your flag to your base.

The basic config let the game be played in 2 rounds, after the first one the bases exchange positions then in the end who have the highest score wins like a football (soccer) match.

This is a respawn gametype.

CTF Options
. scr_ctf_scorelimit
. scr_ctf_timelimit
. scr_ctf_roundlimit
. scr_ctf_roundswitch
. scr_ctf_numlives
. scr_ctf_playerrespawndelay
. scr_ctf_waverespawndelay