COD4 | Frontlines


The first Demolition gametype was made to Modern Warfare 2 as a bad copy from our very succefull Assault gametype, so when Black Frontlines were created to Black Ops I did a alternate gametype, even more frenetic and a lot more balanced. Many players asked me to add this Demotion to COD4 so since 2013 your wish came true.

Our version have several rounds, not 2 anymore like Assault/Original Demolition and each Target exploded count as one point to the attack team. In the end of the rounds who have more points win the match.

It's a respawn gametype.

Demolition Options
. scr_dem_timelimit
. scr_dem_scorelimit
. scr_dem_roundlimit
. scr_dem_roundswitch
. scr_dem_bombtimer
. scr_dem_planttime
. scr_dem_defusetime

The Type Options are ignored when the Frontlines Random Objectives are enabled.

Demolition Type Options
Type Result
0 Random Objective
1 Targets A & B
2 Targets B & C
3 Targets A & C