COD4 | Frontlines


Our Spy got very important documents from our enemy but he was eliminated before the delivery. For our luck the docs are still missing in a suitcase in enemy territory.

But we have a tracer with the exact location of the suitcase, so we must enter behind the lines to recover the Docs and comeback to our drop zone to transmitt the data to our intel before it's too late.

The enemy knows where the Spy was shot and will comeback to locate the Docs and avoid the other team to transfer the data in time. If the enemy lost the suitcase, they don't have a tracer, so will need to push foward against us to find and recover the Docs.

The attackers must recover and transmit the Docs in time, while the defenders must avoid that at all costs.

It's a no respawn gametype.

Docs Options
. scr_docs_timelimit
. scr_docs_scorelimit
. scr_docs_roundlimit
. scr_docs_numlives [1 to 10]
. scr_docs_roundswitch
. scr_docs_roundswitchspawn [enable switch spawn sides]
. scr_docs_sides_msg [show msgs to help the players]