COD4 | Frontlines


This gametype was inspired in the OGR COOP of GRAW where your team need to get to the extraction point to be rescued, but I added a lot of new stuff, like the zulu point is random between 3 places of each map and take a while to be set (random time).

Soon as set a green smoke starts and to the escape team will appears on the radar the target. But aside when one man reach the extraction point end like in GRAW, I decide to use the points more close of EVAC from AVP2 with a nice add-on: when you reach the zulu point, you got a chopper to call (the defense can't call helis in this gametype).

here the points:

Frag = 1
Round = 1
Reach the Zulu point = 10

In the end the team which have more points, win the match. This gametype have a different behavior in the War Server, will works like a reinforcement battle, how many you save, it's how many new men you will get to your army. It's a no respawn gametype.

Escape Options
. scr_escape_timelimit
. scr_escape_scorelimit
. scr_escape_roundlimit
. scr_escape_numlives [1-50]
. scr_escape_roundswitch
. scr_escape_sides_msg [show msgs to help the players]
. scr_escape_type [define the bombs 0-3]

Escape Type Options
Type Result
0 Random Extraction Point
1 Extraction Point A
2 Extraction Point B
3 Extraction Point C