COD4 | Frontlines


This new gametype mode was based on the Round Based Match gametype from Medal Of Honor Spearhead, but of course with some changes and add-ons to make it more fun to play. The basic objective is to eliminate the enemy players, nothing different until this point... the difference start in the options and how the behavior of the rules are different.

First there's anti-camping to both sides so the teams will be forced to always be in movement to keep the flow of the gameplay, then you can set the how many lives each player will have, the spawns are random and by waves, always close to your friends, and the best part... there's no option for failure, both teams MUST eliminate the other team before the end of the round, if one team wasn't eliminated, both teams fail into his objective, and we have a draw.

But the most fun part it's after the timelimit, where you can set 3 options to give a last chance to both teams to complete their objectives. Until one where everyone put their weapons back, and will need to kill each other just with knives.


Move as a team protecting each other's back advancing and retreating together during the battle, this is the better tactic to follow to be succeed in this gametype. Take care about the UAV on the Sudden Death tie breakers to localize your enemies and also protect yourself to avoid nades and airstrikes in this stage...

And at the Last Chance tie breaker with knives only, it's even more important move as a team to stab your enemy easily from many directions at the same time, to not let any chances to they survive.

Exterminate Options
. scr_exterminate_timelimit
. scr_exterminate_scorelimit
. scr_exterminate_roundlimit
. scr_exterminate_numlives
. scr_exterminate_playerrespawndelay
. scr_exterminate_waverespawndelay
. scr_exterminate_roundswitch
. scr_exterminate_type

Sudden Death Options
Type Result
0 Off
1 All Weapons + UAV
2 Knife + UAV
3 All Weapons + UAV (Knife + UAV)

The type 3 means 2 Sudden Deaths, if the round was not decided in the first one with all weapons available then we have another Tie Breaker with Knives only to decide the round. If still not decided, it's a Draw and both teams lose.