COD4 | Frontlines


This one was based on the Conquest gametype from Battlefield, where the attacker team start with one flag, and the other have all the others. Both teams start with a number of soldiers which are getting low after each death of our men and for each 5 seconds, the team lose 2 men for each flag that the enemy have. We have always 5 flags for map.

But in different way than BF, now is REALLY important to hold and conquest the flags, because we receive a 50 men reinforcement each time we get a new flag, and let the enemy get +50 men if we loose a flag.

If a team conquest all the enemy flags, they will not spawn until the living players can conquest at least one flag, if all die and there's no flag left, the team lose the round.

The points are count in the number of the men left to each army, each team play one time at attack/defend then these men are added and we have the final points of our team.

If we conquest all flags, the enemy men count will lost all points and comeback to ZERO, so if we lose a round like this, means we need to do the same on the other round but keep more men alive in the end to win.

It's a respawn gametype.

Flags Options
. scr_flags_timelimit
. scr_flags_roundlimit
. scr_flags_numlives
. scr_flags_playerrespawndelay
. scr_flags_waverespawndelay
. scr_flags_attackers_army [at least 10% more than defenders]
. scr_flags_defenders_army [at least 10% less than attackers]
. scr_flags_reinf
. scr_flags_hold