COD4 | Frontlines

Forever Concept

When players slowly stopped to play COD4 Frontlines I'm starting to think about why players stop playing a FPS game that you LOVE to play? Then I decided to move foward in this quest to make Frontlines last as long as possible, as very few classic FPS games that are still beeing played these days, and even getting new mods with a good community.

The reasons could be many, like my first thinking because new better looking games available? Yeah, but people still play Quake and even the classic DOOM, and it's difficult to find a game with graphics nowdays worst than these ones, so couldn't be the main reason for that change. So after many research with Frontlines fans and friends, these are the two main reasons that make a FPS player move on:

Main Reasons to Quit
1 Lack of good friends also playing the FPS that you love, so there's no place to play like the good old days which you used to play among your friends
2 Need for new quests, tired of playing on the same maps doing over and over the same things, rushing to same spots, killing in the same ways round after round, in the end it's more who's gonna there first and not about the game objective anymore. Everything become very repetitive, boring, until it dies

For #1 issue the constant attack of the game companies aganst community removing the servers from the hand of the players, shrink the size of the servers, deciding where you gonna play, with who you gonna play and for so long you will be able to play until they shutdown the servers, summing the lacking of administrations, so no punishment to hackers, cheaters and anti-gameplay players, make the multiplayer a hell, and with time all these get worst fast, even really faster when a new version is released, the last one it's abandoned to force the players to buy the new game and never play the older version anymore. This killed over 80% of clans worldwide and is killing slowly all the serious clans that still resist to the constant and coward attacks, moving to few games that still have dedicated servers in the hand of the players.

So it's out of my reach trying to fix the #1 issue, I don't own a good and big game company to simply stop this, and return the control of the games to the hand of the players, since when we buy for exemple a table monopoly game, we choose where to play and who will play with us, even can change few rules here and there to make it better to our tastes, and after 100 years we are still playing monopoly, because it's always a good experience among friends.

Then the #2 issue it's the one I need to focus, and some friends said Frontlines it's already very different than regular games, because we already had 3 options of objectives in bombsite's gametypes, also the Invert Sides make the attack team from the other side of the original map, adding Help Mode and Weapons Modes, which was great and any FPS game did that almost than years after Frontlines was released. Yes, but this just adds few more different ways of playing the same map/gametype, instead of 1 way, we had around 10 without counting the Weapons Modes, which would increase to about 100k different ways to play a single gametype/map. But Weapons Modes don't change in fact much the gameplay, so the number aside be a lot higher than any original game/mod around, still are passive to become boring at some point.

So how could I fix this problem? And the obvious answer was what about if was instead of just 3 options of objectives spots we had more? Or a LOT more?

Was exatcly what I did, several places to have the bombsites, flags & headquarters on the maps, changing randomly on EVERY ROUND! With a complex thinking how to placing them ingame and keep the balance of the map, also adding new features like the Airborne Mode to every single gametype, and make everything else as most random as possible. The result become so vast, that is close to impossible to you experience the same result two times in your lifetime.

Understand Why Frontlines is So Vast...

Here I will show you in a simplified way why Frontlines Forever is the most diverse FPS game ever created!

Please watch the video, then follow me...

In the original game we have only 6 gametypes
In Frontlines we have 52 gametypes (really!)

But in Frontlines we have several stuff that can be added to each gametype:

Forever Main Features
. Help Mode, the system copied by COD Zombies
. Airborne Mode, play with parachutes landing EVERYWHERE!
. Weapons Modes, play with different weapons/rules with 16 pre-defined and over 2400 combinations
. We also have the War FX which will add randomly Smoke/Fire to each round.
. And the most important: Random Objectives Locations to each round

Ok, imagine how many different combinations we already have available to play?

52 gametypes x 2 (Help Mode On/Off) x 2 (Airborne Mode On/Off) x 2400 Weapons Modes = over 400k combinations to play the same map without couting the War FX and Random Objectives Locations. So you need to multiply that with the number of maps available in your server. Since Frontlines can handle with a huge number of maps, you can have easily 200 maps in the rotation of your server... so will be 400k x 200 = 80.000.000 options available.

And of course, you can turn on/off several other stuff like Medic System, Anti-Camping, Realism Level, Spawn Protection, etc... that will make this number even higher.

So playing a WAR on WAR SERVER with all these options and with dynamic battlefields will be something extremely vast for any of us play in our lifetime.

But now we have a Random Recursive Engine to make Random Objectives Locations, which will change the locations of them on all maps and gametypes (with objectives of course).

This means Flags and Bombsites will move around randomly in a smart way across previous work made by this new engine created, which will garantee balance and dynamic gameplay on each round you play. Yes! Will change on every round.

For exemple, if you play a basic gametype like Domination in a medium size map, we can have 3, 4 or even 5 flags which are decided randomly in the loading time. With that alone we have around ONE MILLION combinations, and over FOUR MILLIONS combinations to really large maps.

Since Frontlines have several gametypes with objectives, and lots of them with combined objectives of flags and bombsites for exemple, this number become something unmeasurable like counting all the stars in the universe.

So next time you play Frontlines, enjoy that moment, because you will NEVER EVER play that exact game again in your lifetime. So for at least the next ONE MILLION times you play that map, will be for sure different.

Enjoy a brand new experience in every round! Play it FOREVER! :D