COD4 | Frontlines

Frontlines LIVE Information

Now just brownsing the Frontlines servers you can know what kind of server is and with which features enable, to let you choose the best servers to your taste. To know that just take a look in the server vars _Mod , _ModVer & _ModUpdate which will be updated in real time.

On them you will be able to know:

1. Version of the Server
2. If server is HardCore or Not
3. If is a War Server or not, and if the War has started or not
4. If Medic System is Enable
5. If Help Mode is Enable
6. Shows the actual Weapon Mode ingame
7. If Anti-Camping is ON/OFF
8. If HER is enable and in which level
9. If Blood is enable and in which level
10. If Damage Feedback is ON/OFF
11. If Frontlines Wall is ON/OFF
12. If Airborne Mode is ON/OFF
13. If Chaos Mode is ON/OFF
14. If Bots are ON/OFF

You can see those var at XFire, COD4 Browser or Game-Tracker for exemple.

Hajas Extreme Realism [HER]

After many requests, I did it! Now you can play also COD4 with HER!

For you that don't know HER, it's a very realistic balance of weapons to make them more realistic as possible and without lost the fun gameplay. And YES, you can use HER even under a server without Hardcore.

There's two options, to use HER, one with just the damage change, and the other also with new physics to make the targets get a really punch when hey get a shot, the force amount depends of the weapons/distance.

Frontlines Damage Feedback

With Frontlines Damage Feedback active you will not have any hit icon anymore when you shot someone but will have screams and pain sounds from the enemies get shot (you will also hear your team mate screaming on your side) aside Blood, Gore and new Explosions depending of the situation ingame.

Chaos Mode

Imagine all the Chaotic environment in a Evac gametype match? Now you can play ANY gametype with or without that Chaos. Of couse, you can now play also Evac without the deadly explosions, smokes, etc.

Frontlines Obituaries

You can turn off the obituaries messages to let the game even more realistic, so you can shot, even listen the enemy screaming, but will never know if he is still alive or not until you see the body. This option can be enable also or just during the War.

When is OFF you can not see the death icons of the scoreboard anymore, to make it impossible to know from the HUD how many enemies are still alive.

Frontlines Blood

These are just options to use the Frontlines Damage Feedback without Blood and Gore, was divided in 3 levels.

0 = Off
1 = Basic Blood
2 = Pool Blood
3 = Full Blood

Then you can set the level of Blood/Gore at your server, when the level 3 it's the more realistic available.

Medic System

Now we simply can save our wounded teammates if we are using the brand new Medic Perk (Juggernaut). Then is just reach close to the wounded soldier that will start to heal him. The time to do that will vary relative to how much and where he was wounded, and the skill of the Medic, which is relative to their level. So highest levels will heal faster than the lower ranks.

To configure let options to you set the messages to any language that you want, also determine how many points the player will receive after save some teammate, and also create a list of gametypes which will have the Medic available.

Hajas Spawn Protection

Frontlines come with a new and smart spawn protection to avoid the deliberate killing in the first seconds of a round, which is happening in all Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare servers around the world.

Check the video that shows with details how Hajas Spawn Protection works.

Basically will protect the players for 10 (configurable) seconds ONLY against Nades (Granade Launcher inclued), Rockets and AirStrikes.

This also inclued any second wave damage caused by them like Car and Barrel explosions. So any kind of bullets, claymores, knifes, etc... will kill as the original game. Hajas Spawn Protection can be activated in ANY gametype, inclued the original ones.

There's a var in the frontlines.cfg file that you set the seconds that each player will be protected by Hajas Spawn Protection after spawn, the default is:

set hajas_spawnprotection 10

If different than 0 activates the Hajas Spawn Protection to all gametypes and maps from the server, so if you want to turn off is just set to 0.

Sometimes 10 seconds will not be enough since Airstrikes last for almost 10 seconds. If in the middle of an airstrike the Hajas Spawn Protection expires the player will die, so if this is happening just increase this value a little more as your wish.

Since 2013 we have an improved version of our Spawn Protection to avoid at all costs any kind of spawn camping. Using a smart way to teleport the player instead of make them immortal when shot at spawn, will avoid not only the Spawn Camping but also avoid immortal players spawning in front of you, which means death to the player which is doing the most difficult task, attack.

The video below shows in details how it works.

Hajas Invert Sides

Frontlines come with a simple but great feature that will change all the default maps or any other map ever made for Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

With this var on ( 0=OFF / 1=ON ) will invert the sides between Attackers/Defenders to any Frontlines gametypes then you will simply double your map options with just one flag.

NO! This is not like original roundswitch! This will make the Attackers strike from the original defense position, when the Defenders will make their defenses in the original attack spawn. With that you change completely the gameplay and tactics in each map, then make you play across parts of the map that you never passed before, see everything from a different perspective... then will pratically double the quantity of maps on the server.

But even if you set this off, you can also change the sides automatically with the respective gametype roundswitchspawn vars, with the same behavior of the original roundswitch.

Yes! you can use roundswitchspawn and roundswitch together in your server, just make sure to they not change at the same time, or in the end will not change anything.

The Hajas Invert Sides is inside the frontlines.cfg file as:

set hajas_invertsides 1 (1=On / 2=Off)

the roundswitchspawn are relative to their gametype, so we have 2 right now:

set scr_front_roundswitchspawn 2
set scr_commander_roundswitchspawn 2

Both came set as default to 2 rounds, this means that in each 2 rounds the sides will be changed. To turn off just set this var to 0.

In the future I'm planning to make this feature available to Search & Destroy gametype if be possible move the objectives by script.

Hajas Duel

Since the age of Medal Of Honor Spearhead people like to watch a bash fight between the last two players alive on the server, so with just a var set will remove all the weapons of the 2 last players, so they will only have a knife to kill each other, or aside the knife a pistol. This will be configurated and of course can be turned off.

Exemple: set hajas_duel 1

here your options:

0 = Off
1 = On with Knife Only
2 = On with Pistol + Knife

Then we have more 2 options to add a random adrenaline music to all players while they watch the duel, and also a field to set a duel message to be showed to all players. Both players which are fighting the duel will have a full radar of the battlefield to find each other more easily.

Gametypes with Duel enabled at Frontlines:
Battlefront, Commander and Search & Destroy.

This feature is more inclined to fun public servers only.

Chopper Points

With this option each hit at the Enemy Chopper give to you 1 point and each hit to you own Chopper (TK) you will lose 1 point. These points doesn't affect the score, just your XP.

Remembering that in Frontlines you can shot your own Chopper if you are stupid enough while in the normal game you can't.

set frontlines_chopper_points 1

With that will avoid who have waste many clips of ammo at the Chopper don't get any points when the Chopper be shot down by just one shot of another player, and also will punish who shot at his own Chopper.

Also if you hit a RPG in the chopper you will win 100 points, and also lose 100 if you are stupid enough to hit your own chopper with a RPG.

Hajas Anti-Camping

For years I look for an Anti-Camping system that really works and not sound stupid. Any Anti-Camping works great with basic gametypes like DM or TDM which don't have the need of much brain to work, but when you go to play something a little more complex, the Anti-Camping become an annoying problem instead of really help flow the gameplay on the servers, and in almost cases he is always turned off.

Well, I thought a lot about how to do that without been stupid like almost all Anti-Camping systems that I know, and also to work in any gametype with a good intelligence to make this playable. And all that I can say is that I finally did what I ever wanted to exist in an Anti-Camping system, and it's here at Frontlines.

First you aside turn on/off you can also set how your Anti-Camping will work, in a more relax way or very hard to force the players be in constant movement in the map. You can set the Radius of the area which the Anti-Camping will cover to force the player move out, this also is relative to vertical distance, so moving alternating from 1st and 2nd floor at a small house will still make you sound like a camper, or move and comeback to the same place, will not be easy to cheat this Anti-Camping system.

Aside that, you gonna set the delay of the tests been made, there's not a kind of timelimit to camping like almost Anti-Camping systems around, is based on the area, and not the spot... so if you set this to 10 seconds, after first 10 seconds in the same area nothing will happen, but if he still at that area after the next 10 seconds, the player will receive the 1st Warning... after more 10 the last warning... and after more 10 the player will be shot to death for treason.

All that is controlled by a smart way relative to which gametype he is playing, and which side of the battlefield he is, and all that also relative to that exact moment in the game....

This means that you will be able to camp in the right moments to each specific gametype, and not allowed in all the other moments. Like for exemple in a Search & Destroy match, you can camp if you are at defender team, while the attackers can't camp anywhere... but this will be inverted if the attackers plant the bomb, so the defensors will need to rush to disarm the bomb while the attackers are now allowed to camp. And goes on to each moment to each gametype...

Now you also can set the amount of points the player will lose if punished by camping, and you also can set the messages you want to send to the campers to move. Also you can create a list of the gametypes that you want to enable Anti-Camping.

Frontlines Random Objectives

With this feature enabled the server will load the remap files and will move in loading time the objectives to several places in each round. Then you will always have a different gameplay on every round.

To enable just set the below var as with 1. Set to 0 to turn off.

set frontlines_random_objs 1

Frontlines Random Maps

With this feature enable, the server will load a random map from the map list of that specific size rotation when change maps, so we will never know which map will be load next. Will pickup one after another without repeat anyone untill all maps from the rotation beeing played. Then will restart again in a different order.

To enable just set the below var as with 1. Set to 0 to turn off.

set frontlines_random_map 1

Frontlines Random Gametypes

This is a great feature to make your map rotations almost infinite. You just set a list of gametypes that you want on your server, then will be pick up one of them to each map randomly. So you will always have different rotations in your server, probably the most long rotations ever...

Then now you can also add more maps to your rotation, since you don't need to waste space writing every gametype to each map, which is really annoying and with that limitation of chars to 1000, you will be able to add at least the double of number of the maps at your server if you use this feature.

And yes, you can override the random rotation if you want, no problem. For exemple you want to have only these 3 gametypes at your server : Search & Destroy, Battlefront and Commander. So set like this

set hajas_gametypes_list "sd, front, commander"

But you want to play Deathmatch only at the map Shipment, and no other gametype aside Deathmatch in this map. So in you maprotation you just need to do like was before, for exemple:

"mp_crossfire dm mp_shipment mp_strike mp_bog..."

Then in all maps will be randomly sd, front or commander, while only at mp_shipment you will have dm gametype.

You can also set to not repeat the last gametype, so you will never have two matches followed by the same gametype. To do that simply set this var to 1. Set to 0 to turn off.

set hajas_gametypes_random_norepeat 1

Now you can also set a default gametype like in Hajas Weapons, then this gametype will have 5x times more chances to be chosen than the others. Just set the name of the gametype you want to be the default, or set "" to turn off.

set hajas_gametypes_random_default "sd"

Frontlines Size Rotation

A dream to any server admin is this feature (at least for me!). Now your server will never have large maps with few players, or small maps with more players than space available, all these problems are over right now with Hajas Size Rotation.

You gonna set instead of 1 map rotation, you will setup 4... one with small maps, other with large maps, another with really huge maps, and the today's default map rotation will carry only medium size maps. Then you gonna also set the limit of the players in each rotation.

For exemple until 6 players to the small maps and with more than 20 will load the large maps, very simple but works great. Is that Cool? yeah... but I'll give you a lot more...

Now aside that, you can setup which gametypes you want to play in each Size Rotation from the small maps, the medium maps, at the large, and also on the huge ones. And this isn't all, you can also set the Weapon Modes to each size, which will give you 4 completely different configs to your server that will change automatically without any admin interference, respectively to the amount of players playing on that moment at your server.

No, I'm not talking about the max clients of your server, this will be always the same.

Force Auto-Assign

This is a common option which I received many requests to be on Frontlines.

With this ON you can't choose the team, you will always go o the team with less players, which is great to public servers.

Set force_auto_assign_master with tags that can choose the team even if Auto-Assign is on you can also set players that have this access, here some exemples:

set force_auto_assign_master "[BC]"
set force_auto_assign_master "[BC],[NER-HQ]"
set force_auto_assign_master "[BC]Hajas,[BC]Rsteimetz"

Disable or Change 3D Icons

You can disable the 3D Icons from the server, or can enable and let each player choose what is best to them hitting F3 to choose the icons with the default sizes, or let them smallers, or let the view without them.

Full Rank System + Custom Classes

Frontlines supports the Full Rank System with all Custom Classes options since the first version. It works exact like the original game with promotions, unlocks, challenges, etc... was 100% based in the code of the original game instead of the code of ModWarfare, which is a exemple mod which came with the game.

I never added this as a feature before on my site or readme because I thought was something common to all mods, but to my surprise Frontlines was in fact the first mod with these features released to COD4.

With Forever we have 170 Ranks to Level Up in Frontlines.

Create Custom Classes INGAME

Now you can edit/create all your Custom Classes INGAME, no more need to disconnect to do that, or rush in the time between the matches. The changes will only take effect in the next map, or after a map_restart.

Frontlines Last Stand

It's a full remodelled Last Stand perk which turn it into a lot more realistic and great to play. Here the main changes:

. When you go to LS you will need to get your pistol before start to shoot
. Depending of where you were shot, you will die fast or slowly
. You can call UAV, Airstrikes and Heli Support
. You can throw any kind of nades (Frags, Stun, Smoke & Flash)
. You can even get your other weapon if you have the Overkill perk

But remember, you will need to do that very fast if you fall in front of your enemy.

Sabotage Gametype

After many requests there's now an Option to remove the KILL icon in Sabotage.

New Scoreboard Icons

There's now an Icon in the scoreboard showing who is the VIP, Commander or the Bomber in that round.

Frontlines Menu + Interactive Credits

A new menu was designed to Frontlines with new nice changes and also come with the song "Frontlines Theme" which was fully composed and produced by myself. Yes, you can Listen Online right now or Download the FULL soundtrack as your wish. Or just watch the video to take a full preview of the menus and also the Interactive Credits.

Load Frontlines Config from Menu

This is a nice feature that will run automatically the file frontlines.cfg which is the brain of the configuration of your server when you click on Start Frontlines Server in the menu. Then you can choose the first map, change the rules that you want and start the server with all already configured values in the frontlines.cfg

If you did some mistake, just click on the Load Frontlines Config button to reset the configuration.

With that anyone can easily start a non dedicated server very fast to play in LAN with family/friends without the need to create a full dedicated server with all the configs needed.

Message Of The Day - MOTD

Custom MOTD Now the default Message Of The Day (MOTD) from the server information var scr_motd is printed in the beginning of each round to all players. Feel free to change the original Frontlines message which came with the mod. If you want to simply turn it off, is just set scr_motd "" in the frontlines.cfg file.

Server Spam Messages

As any server needs a spam message feature to send important information to their players, so I created an easy way to set up to 100 messages to be sent from time to time to all players connected at the same time.

To do that you need to set all the messages that you want in the vars hajas_message0 until hajas_message99 then set the var hajas_server_spam to a value different than 0 (max 90). This value will be the delay between them in seconds.

Exemple: set hajas_server_spam 10

You can set any messages you want, if you just set 3, only these 3 will be showed, doesn't matter if they are out of order like message numbers 2,4 & 7, then this will help to add/remove messages from your server config a lot more faster.

So if you have 10 messages set and then you want to remove 2 of them, don't need to rewrite everything again in the order you want, just comment the lines with the unwanted messages to be removed.

Frontlines Map Changes

In some maps few things like spawns or bomb sites aren't well placed for a balanced gameplay IMO so with this option on, when load these maps some of his objects will be in a different place of the original concept.

It's recommended keep this ON for better gameplay in all the available gametypes.

Frontlines Prizes (Unlocks)

Now it's even more faster to level up in Frontlines! You will be reward with a new rank and also get all the unlocks if you help your team win a match. Here the list of all the tasks you will need to complete to get these rewards.

. You'll rank up to each match won
. Unlock all camos with 10 kill streak
. Unlock all attachments with 15 kill streak
. Rank up with 20,25,30,35... kill streaks
. All players rank up at the end of a battle of a War

Yeah, during a War both teams will get the rewards for defend till the end your own team in this important battle.

What about the Gold weapons? These ones you will need to bleed a lot more. :P