COD4 | Frontlines


The attacker team must Escort his Hacker to hack one of N terminals on the map, which we don't have the location of them, so we must find them first, secure then let the Hacker do his work.

Then escort the Hacker back to our terminal to upload the data to our Intel before the timelimit. If the Hacker died before complete his task, the attackers will loose the round.

The defender team have the location of all important terminals, but there's few others which are damaged and can't be hacked. So the defenders must avoid the terminals be hacked at all costs, and if one was hacked don't let the enemy transmit our info to their Intel in time.

There's an alarm which start after 5 seconds the terminal is violated.

This is a no respawn gametype.

Hack Options
. scr_hack_timelimit
. scr_hack_scorelimit
. scr_hack_roundlimit
. scr_hack_numlives [1-10]
. scr_hack_roundswitch
. scr_hack_sides_msg [show msgs to help the players]
. scr_hack_next [how to define the next Hacker 0-2]
. scr_hack_name [show Hacker name]
. scr_hack_limit [set the min distance of active terminals]

Next Hacker Options
Type Result
0 Last ID (default) = newest player on the server
1 Best Score
2 Random