COD4 | Frontlines

Help Mode

Help Mode was inspired in the famous Freeze-Tag gametype, specially the Objective-Freeze-Tag from MOHAA Spearhead. But instead of just freeze the players and lasers to unfreeze them, why not make this a little more real but keeping the great team gameplay?

So I make them be wounded instead of frozen when got hit, and the only way to save them are reaching close to heal them, more close of what Star Wars Republic Command kind of gameplay. Of course when you are wounded you don't have weapons and of course can't die. You will only die if you fall into dead areas like a sea, a missle silo, etc... or all your teamates are also wounded, then all will die and the other team will win the round/match.

But isn't all, I went far beyond that, I didn't make this just another gametype like any mod ever created until now, I thought will be a lot more cool if we can play ANY team based of the gametypes with the Help Mode aside just add 1 or 2 freeze-tag kind of new gametypes, and that's why Help Mode it's a feature of Frontlines instead of a simple gametype.

With that we can combine Help Mode with all team based gametypes from Frontlines and even more, we can also combine with the Weapons Modes, so for exemple we can play Search & Destroy with Help Mode and Rifle Mode. Then we have simply over 600 combinations of gametypes to play at Frontlines, something so big that no one FPS game even dreamed to reach 1/10 of these options.