COD4 | Frontlines


There's one Flag in the map, usually at the middle of the map. This is a kind of Team Deathmatch which you need to have the flag controled to score.

So with the control of the flag, to each kill your team get your team will get 1 point... without the flag we can't score, so we need to first capture the flag without loose much men to not give much points to the other team. In the other hand, with the flag we need aside protect the Flag also hunt the enemy to score even more, specially with are loosing the match.

The respawn time of who have the flag will always be the double of time of the team without the flag to balance the gameplay. Then who have more points in the end of the timelimit wins.

This is a respawn gametype.

Hill Options
. scr_hill_scorelimit
. scr_hill_timelimit
. scr_hill_roundlimit
. scr_hill_numlives
. scr_hill_playerrespawndelay
. scr_hill_waverespawndelay