COD4 | Frontlines


In this gametype the attack team must carry his flag to the enemy's base (spawn) and plant there to conquest the territory. Who carry the Flag must use both hands to that, so he can't shot while do that, so really need the cover of his team to reach there.

If the flag carries want to fire someone, just push the trigger then the flag will be put on the ground then he will pull his weapon back. To get the flag back just touch it. The Flag can't be on the floor for more than 1:30mins or it will be returned to the start base.

So the basic tactics from the attack is advancing the line while the flag carrier keep going until the line reach the enemy's base to let the carrier plant the flag into there. If the carrier is killed and the flag is dropped, other soldier must get the flag soon as possible to keep going to the objective and to avoid the flag be returned what will make the team start all over again.

The defenders must keep the enemy far as possible of his spawn and once spotted the dropped flag, don't let anyone get it again. The defenders can't interact with the flag.

If the attack plant the flag they win the round, if not after the timelimit the defense wins.

Is possible to let the flag carrier fire in the configs, aside is not much fun like the default config. This gametype is amazing combined with Bash Mode.

This is a respawn gametype.

AirFight Options
. scr_invasion_timelimit
. scr_invasion_scorelimit
. scr_invasion_roundlimit
. scr_invasion_numlives
. scr_invasion_roundswitch
. scr_invasion_roundswitchspawn
. scr_invasion_type