COD4 | Frontlines

Last Man Standing

LMS was inspired in the classic Last Man Standing gametype which inspired a book, movies and modern games like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds & Fortnite Battle Royale, but of course with the very well balanced hardcore gameplay from Frontlines and few twists.

In LMS there's no coward gameplay like common in any Battle Royale games, so there's no unarmed players in the field, everyone are armed with the best gears they can carry because everyone can create their own classes and select which weapons, perks and gears they want to go to fight.

Once in the battlefield there's no respawn and the Last Man Standing will be the Winner. But different than the most known games with this subject, there's no such thing as "safe area" which decreases over time, but we have the already known Intelligent Anti-Camping in action to force all the players keep seeking for other players, and intead of loot which encorages you to move foward, we have the Hardpoints bonus when you kill a configured number of enemies.

But aside all that to encorages the players to hunt each other there's a plus, a Nuke is already in the battlefield and the countdown will only stop when only left One Man Standing! If not will burn everyone and no one will be a winner. We will have a full draw.

Of course you can play it with Airborne Mode or not, which will make everyone spawn falling from the skies with parashooters like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Remembering you can set everything like at any Frontlines' gametype, even the weapons kit everyone will start using the Weapons Modes, with or without bots, turn off Hardpoints or just make them harder to get and until turn off the Anti-Camping, everything is up to you to decide how it's the best way to play it.

To setting the Timelimit is the same setted for DM gametype.

It's a no respawn gametype and on the videos you can see several matches.