COD4 | Frontlines

Frontlines Stars System

This system is active since 2011 at Blood Culture and was created to make the players focus more on the objective than anything, specially frags and not die.

So if enable you need to get stars instead of kills to get the Hardpoints, and to get Stars you need to complete tasks in the match and not only kill enemies. When actived the Assists columm at the Scoreboard will show your Stars instead.

To each Task the player do for his team/objective the player will receive one or more Stars, this number is relative of the difficult and importance of each Task executed during the battle. This goes until reach a determined number of Stars then will receive a Bronze Medal (UAV), reaching another higher number will receive a Silver Medal (Strike Support), and reaching a number even higher a Gold Medal (Helicopter Support).

Medals (default config)
Bronze Medal 5 Stars
Silver Medal 10 Stars
Gold Medal 15 Stars

You are free to setype the above config as you wish. With the variable frontlines_stars_system you can select the type of the system:

Types of Stars System
1 means you need to reach that number of points without die
2 means you will get the hardpoint until you reach that number of points, doesn't matter if you die or not

In Respawn Mode get hardpoints will be very easy, so you need to increase the points to avoid ultra easy hardpoints so you can set the number of times the points needed to get each hardpoint. For this use the var frontlines_stars_respawn_pts which default value is 3.

exemple: if UAV pts is set to 5 and respawn pts is set to 3, the number of points needed to get UAV on respawn mode is 3x5 = 15.

Below you will find all the Tasks available on Frontlines.

Tasks (Positive)
Task Stars
Kill (No Knife!) 1
Call UAV with Perk 1
Capturing kill an Enemy 1
Shoot down a Helicopter 1
Save a Friend in Help Mode 1
Kill a Flag/Doc/Bomb Carrier 2
Get Flag/Bomb/Docs from the ground 2
Disarm/Revert Clay/C4 2
Hit a Helicopter with RPG 2
Pickup Docs/Flag/Bomb 2
Kill a Target (VIP/Officer) 3
Escape/Evac 3
Capture a Flag/HQ 3
Save a wounded friend (Medic) 3
Save a Prisoner 3
Kill enemy Capturing 3
Kill enemy Planting/Disarming bomb 3
Kill enemy Uploading/Hacking 3
Score returning Flag/Doc 3
Arrest a Prisoner 4
Plant/Disarm Bomb 5
Upload/Hack/Disable Missle 5

Tasks (Negative)
Task Stars
Kill a enemy with Knife 0
Hit Own Chopper with Bullets -1
Wound a Teammate -3
Hit Own Chopper with RPG -5
Die by Anti-Camping -5
Teamkill -5
Teamkill Special (Doing Obj) -10
Kill a Prisoner or own VIP/Officer -50

In Wrath gametype we have a different table.

Wrath Tasks
Task Stars
Kill a enemy 1
Kill a enemy with Knife 3
TeamKill -5
TeamKill with Knife -10

These gametypes below the Stars System is disable for gameplay reasons.

Disabled Gametypes
Last Man Standing

Why not receive stars when kill with a knife?
To avoid that teammates die while you play for fun trying to kill an enemy with your knife while these should be your last resourse, and not keep running behind an enemy and in several cases watching him kill many of your friends only to let you stab him on the back. You will not be punished for that, but will not receive anything as award either.
Explain what you mean Teamkill someone doing a Objective?
A friend planting/disarming a bomb, carrying a flag, capturing a flag/HQ, etc... Teamkill is already bad, but Teamkill while your friend is doing a task it's even worst!
How about Arrest a Prisoner?
When a Prisoner escape in the Rescue gametype you need to hit him with caution to hurt him without kill him, it's a very risky shot but if made with precision will avoid the flight of the Prisoner to let his team rearm the defense.
If I did a very bad thing and become negative, it's just die to comeback to zero again?
Of course not! Negative points are kept even after your death. You will have to battle and demonstrate your worth to redeem yourself from your mistake, be it small or huge.
Why those gametypes have the Stars System disabled?
Because these are individual gametypes or were created with a specific hardpoint control that can not be changed to keep the balanced gameplay.