COD4 | Frontlines


This gametype is probably the biggest and more complex multiplayer gametype ever created, which almost emulate a single player mission where you play at both sides, in the strike team trying to complete all the objectives, or in the defense team, where you just try to avoid the other team to complete them.

First, lets look about all the objectives of the strike team.

Mission Objectives
1. Secure and Protect the Drop Zone
2. Destroy both Targets
3. Kill the General
4. Stole his Docs
5. Retrieve them to the Extraction Point to call a Nuke Strike
6. Retreat to the Extraction Point before the Nuke Strike

The strike team start as a ground team and until have the control of the Drop Zone will respawn on the ground and will not carry any bombs to destroy the targets. Once the Drop Zone is secured, the next soldiers from the team will respawn as Paratroopers and will carry bombs to plant to destroy the targets.

If the team lost the Drop Zone the next soldiers will respawn again in the ground and without the bombs. So have the control of the Drop Zone is very important even after destroy both targets, falling from the sky the team will have a great view of the battlefield and will identify where the enemy's defenses are aside can land really anywhere, which will make the team complete the next objectives faster.

The defenders will also want to recover the Drop Zone to minimize the danger of enemies falling behind the defense lines and upside rooftops.

After both targets be destroyed, the General of the defenders will be spawned and the next objective becomes to kill him, while the defenders will try to defend him at any costs. Once the General get killed, he will drop very important Docs on the floor.

Then the strike team next objective is stole these Docs while the enemy will try to avoid that. Both teams can get the Docs to help in complete his objective. Once the strike team put his hands on the Docs, a Extraction Zone will be marked with a Green Smoke to carry them until there to pickup the Docs.

Once the Docs are recovered is ordered a Nuke Strike in the current location and is given the order to all the strike team to Retreat to the Extraction Zone to be rescued before the explosion.

Now how the hell I score in that gametype? For each objective completed the Strike Team get relative points, and he is the only team able to score. Then we have a second round when the teams change posititions and all is played again in different sides. In the end who have more points wins. Below there's a table of points.

Mission Objectives Points
Objectives Points
Secure the Drop Zone for the first time 10
Each Target Destroyed 10
Kill the General 10
Escape with the Enemy's Intel 10
Each Man which escaped during the Retreat 1
If both teams completed all Objectives, who did it faster 1*

* Complete faster means 1 point for doing that plus 1 point for each minute of difference between the time of the other team. So make a little faster and a 10 minutes faster will be a 10 points difference.

If both teams completed all Objectives, who did it faster will receive extra points for that as explained above. Aside that doesn't means who did it faster will win the match, since if a team managed to escape at least 11 men while the other which did it faster but no one has survived, the team who saved more men will win.

So it's question to do your job with perfection, and not just rush for the objectives.

During a War the strike team must complete all objectives to conquest the territory.

This is a respawn gametype.

Mission Options
. scr_mission_timelimit
. scr_mission_numlives
. scr_mission_bombtimer
. scr_mission_planttime
. scr_mission_defusetime
. scr_mission_playerrespawndelay
. scr_mission_waverespawndelay
. scr_mission_sides_msg
. scr_mission_type

Mission Type Options
Type Result
0 NO weapons in the air (recommended)
1 weapons available in the air
2 random