COD4 | Frontlines


A nuclear missle was launched against one of our cities, a task force was dropped at the same city which our Intel believe that have the controls to disable the missle.

After the drop, we still don't know yet where are the controls but our Intel is working via satellite to find them to us. Soon as located are pointed to us to go there and disable the missle before it's too late.

Any soldier can disable the missle, but our team have one Engineer which can disable 4x more faster than the others, but even with him dead, we still can stop this treat.

Another fact is that we don't know exactly which is the target from the missle, so could be any city around or for our bad luck, the city that we are.

What make us know in which city the missle will hit there's 2 signs:

Other City: we all will listen a missle pass over our heads before the impact.
Same City: an Alarm will start to the people evac the city few minutes before the impact.

So if we failed, we gonna see and feel the nuke explosion on a closest city, or burn with a nuke at our heads, all in real time (no video!)

The defender team, knows of course the location of the controls since the begining the round. And their objective is just delay the assault team.

This is a no respawn gametype.

Nuke Options
. scr_nuke_timelimit
. scr_nuke_scorelimit
. scr_nuke_roundlimit
. scr_nuke_numlives [1-10]
. scr_nuke_roundswitch
. scr_nuke_sides_msg [show msgs to help the players]
. scr_nuke_type [define the controls location]
. scr_nuke_next [how to define the next Engineer 0-2]
. scr_nuke_name [show Engineer name]

Nuke Type Options
Type Result
0 Random Location of the Missle Control
1 Missle Control A
2 Missle Control B
3 Missle Control C

Next Engineer Options
Type Result
0 Last ID (default) = newest player on the server
1 Best Score
2 Random