COD4 | Frontlines


This gametype it's a mix of the original Search & Destroy and the unique objective maps of Medal Of Honor Spearhead, to make just one objective to both side instead of two, and also adding a new target spot to the maps, wich the admin can set each one he want to play, or make them random from round to round.

So will make a different battle in each round, and since protect just one target is more easier than protect two, this is far harder than default Search & Destroy.


Objective     . Destroy the Objective
Tactics     . Locate the Target (or many squads)
    . Search & Destroy the enemy defenses
    . Protect the Bomber while he Plant the Bomb
    . Avoid the enemy team to disarm the Bomb

Objective     . Protect the Objective
Tactics     . Create a Defense Line around the Objective
    . Kill anyone that tries to break this Defense
    . If the enemy planted a bomb disarm at all costs
    . Protect your teamate which is disarming the bomb

Objective Options
. scr_objective_timelimit
. scr_objective_scorelimit
. scr_objective_roundlimit
. scr_objective_roundswitch
. scr_objective_numlives
. scr_objective_bombtimer
. scr_objective_planttime
. scr_objective_defusetime
. scr_objective_multibomb
. scr_objective_type

Objective Type Options
Type Result
0 Random Objective
1 A Objective
2 B Objective
3 C Objective