COD4 | Frontlines


This is a Team Deathmatch gametype with a twist, there's Officers on both sides and killing them have a very higher number of points to the team. So kill enemies Officers and protect our own Officers are extremely important. Only Officers can get Hardpoints in this gametype. In the end the team with more points win.

Once a Officer is dead, the next Officer in ranks will spawn on the respective team. This will repeat until all Officers are dead or the match ends.

It's a respawn gametype.

Officers Table Points
Officer Points
Pilot 25
2nd Lieutenant 50
1st Lieutenant 100
Captain 200
Major 400
Colonel 800
General 1600

Officers Options
. scr_officers_timelimit
. scr_officers_scorelimit
. scr_officers_roundlimit
. scr_officers_numlives
. scr_officers_sides_msg
. scr_officers_name