COD4 | Frontlines


It's a variation of Targets gametype, where your team can work together to earn Reinforcements during the battle, then all dead players will respawn as Paratroopers to help the team to complete the objectives.

The attack team must destroy BOTH targets to win. If just one Target is destroyed we get a Draw. So the defenders must also protect BOTH targets to score.

To get Reinforcements the team must kill HALF of the other team, and BOTH teams can get Reinforcements how many times they earned during the combat. If a team is eliminated the other team scores.

It's a multibomb game with conditioned respawn.

Reinforcements Options
. scr_reinf_timelimit
. scr_reinf_scorelimit
. scr_reinf_roundlimit
. scr_reinf_roundswitch
. scr_rescue_roundswitch
. scr_reinf_numlives
. scr_reinf_bombtimer
. scr_reinf_planttime [recommended half of defusetime]
. scr_reinf_defusetime [recommended double of planttime]
. scr_reinf_type [define the bombs 0-3]

Reinforcements Type Options
Type Result
0 Random Objective
1 Targets A & B
2 Targets B & C
3 Targets A & C