COD4 | Frontlines


The Resist gametype it's an upgraded version of our gametype Waves, but designed to be more aggressive and with lots more of adrenaline.

The defender team have around 1 min (random) to setup the defenses in the map to hold until the reinforcements arrive. There's no respawn to the defenders while have unlimited and imediate respawn to the attackers. When the reinforcements arrives the defeders start to have respawn while the attack will not respawn until the reinforcements go away.

Also have lot's of Clays and C4 to who have these perks, and to the rest all get extra ammo. But it's not only that. The defense has two boxes of ammunition that can be destroyed by the enemy with an explosives suitcase, in these boxes just lean on them to recharge their ammunition, not only limited to bullets, but also explosives such as grenades, claymores, C4, RPG, etc... So aside secundary objectives, it's very important keep these ammo boxes secure to let you keep fixing all the holes in defense, aside renew your own ammo.

As a team prepares the defense for the imminent attack the enemy awaits the order to attack. After a given attack order, the defense ceases to have respawn while the attack has immediate respawn, but only has basic weapons. The first wave is only 1 minute, but this time is increasing with each attack and so it is getting harder and harder to Resist.

If the defense is eliminated during the attack the teams change side, otherwise after the time of the attack arrives the Helicopter of defense and with that it reverses, now the defense returns to give immediate respawn while the attack will not have more respawn until the next wave of attack.

As long as the Helicopter is in the air it will remain that way, so if survivors of the attack team succeed in shooting down the Helicopter during this period, it will cause the attack wave to occur faster, thus making it difficult for the defense to arm its defenses correctly, the next wave of attack accomplishes its goal.

There is a flag in the Spawn defense with 1 minute capture time, which if captured by the enemy the defense will drop immediately. It exists for the case the defense prefers to hide itself from actually defending the territory. Trying to capture her with an armed defense is practically suicide. Exactly as the Waves gametype.

The two boxes of ammunition are secondary targets, and either destroying them or not indifferent to winning. But destroying them ends with the extra ammo that the defense counts to defend itself, which will make the defense team much more difficult.

This is the first and only gametype in the COD History that doesn't have a timelimit. Instead we have a point to each time we Resist to an attack, the next attack will always be for more time than the previous one, which will make to defend harder and harder until the defenders will fall to enemy's attack.

In Coop Mode we setup the record of the server, and try to break this record among friends aganst bots.

In Airborne Mode the attackers and the reinforcements from the defenders respawns as Paratroopers.

Resist Options
. scr_resist_scorelimit
. scr_resist_roundlimit
. scr_resist_roundswitch
. scr_resist_striketime
. scr_resist_killcam
. scr_resist_type (0=No Flag/1=Flag)