COD4 | Frontlines

S-1 (Swarm One)

S-1 was inspired in our classic Swarm gametype from Frontlines, but adapted to be played without teams, just free for all.

The ONLY way to get points is killing enemies holding the Flag, without the Flag the first thing to do is find and get the flag first, then you need to keep the Flag as long as you can to score as much points as possible. Even to get Hardpoints you need to do holding the Flag, so will be in vain killing enemies without hunt the flagger first.

A Flag is spawned on the map randomly, each time you play on that map there's almost a hundred possibles spawn for the Flag, so there's no way to know where will be spawned. Once the Flag is spawned there's no information about where it is or who's have it, this is to avoid every player going direct to the Flag at the same time, which would make the gameplay a complete mess.

The only information available is if the Flag is on the ground, with a player, or reseted with a new spawn origin if stay for much time without beeing carried. That's all!

So everyone need to hunt the Flag/Flagger with his own eye without any other help.

In the end of the Timelimit the player with more points is the Winner.

The only setting available it's the Timelimit which is the same setted for DM gametype.

It's a respawn gametype.