COD4 | Frontlines


Savage is for sure the more nervous gametype ever created even overcoming Wrath. This gametype recreates the despair situation of the movie Black Hawk Down, where a squad is surrounded by thousands of angry civilians bare armed but also willing to kill without care about what will happen to them.

So this squad must go to the extraction point, call the pick up chopper and hold until the rescue arrives to get them out of that hell.

The gametype work with the military team starting with any weapons they want in one side of the map while the civilian team get only knifes in the spawn in the other side. The military team must go to the Zulu Point which is marked with a green smoke to call a rescue chopper, while there must hold the position and be around when the chopper come to pick up them. Who not be there at the moment of the chopper pick up will be left behind alone.

The civilian team must strike without any fear of death against the enemy defenses, and it's the only way to be succeed. Coward players will be useless to the team and will make lots of fault in the teamplay. They must attack together, without fear and without stop.

The military players if killed by knife they will not respawn, but will respawn if killed by fire weapons, but will be back to start point, and will be a hell to meet his friends again walking all the long way alone. The civilian players have infinite lifes and immediate respawn.

If the civilians kills a soldier, they can of course get his weapons on the floor, but as civilians they shoot as bad as hell, so if at long ranges is better get close to open fire... and is also smart try just to let the soldiers wounded on the floor to the other can stab them instead of just kill him and make he respawn.

Well, I know what you are thinking right now: "It's too damm easy to the Military team! it's not fair!" ok, but like everyone else you will see that is not easy, and is in fact very hard to get all your men rescued by the chopper but you will never belive until you in fact be there and realize that I'm right. So don't worry, is VERY BALANCED, don't need to cry for this.

The points works in a very nice way, if the civilians kills the entire military team they get 10 points, if the military team succeed to have some men rescued, the team get 1 point to each man rescued. If any amount men is left behind after the rescue team left, they must survive until the end of the round, or the civilians will get 1 point to each soldier killed. In the end of the round who have more points wins.

During a War the military team have 3 chances to rescue 10 men summing all rounds, while the civilians must also to get 10 points, or killing 10 soldiers which was left behind, or simply eliminating a full squad in one of the rounds.

The military team will be warned by the radio how much time needs to wait for the rescue chopper, and will be updated from time to time. The team must pay attention about that and also about the extraction zone, they can move freely, must be sure you are inside when the rescue arrives or you will be left behind.

If you are from the military team, do not get away from the rest of your team or you will be killed fast and your weapons will be taken which will help the enemy to hurt and kill your teamates. If you stay alone here you are a dead soldier. And it's smart also avoid closed place, how much open the best.

And this still not all, we can combine the gametype with Help Mode then only the military team can save his teamates while the civilians still can be killed/respawn like before, giving a very nice coop few of the gameplay, like the zombie coop mode of COD:W@W for exemple.

This is a conditioned respawn gametype.

Savage Options
. scr_savage_timelimit
. scr_savage_scorelimit
. scr_savage_roundlimit
. scr_savage_roundswitch
. scr_savage_roundswitchspawn
. scr_savage_sides_msg
. scr_savage_type

Savage Type Options
Type Result
0 Civilians can get any weapon and fire like any soldier
1 Civilians can get weapons, but they shot VERY BAD
2 Civilians can get weapons, but is VERY HARD to get them since they dissapear fast
3 Civilians can get weapons but is VERY HARD, and also they shot like shit