COD4 | Frontlines


This virtual gametype runs the Team Deathmatch gametype combined to Sniper Mode and Sniper Only Spawns. Was created to let you play in the Sniper Only Maps created to several Sniper Only Mods outhere, so will all work fine with Frontlines too.

This was designed to be played on Sniper Only Maps which avoid players to reach close to the enemy, but will work fine to any map which have Team Deathmatch support.

The tricky is the 2 kinds of ammo that you carry when using Sniper Rifles in Frontlines. The first one is always the perfuration ammo, with limited range. To exchange the type of ammo you need to hit your alt button (default 5) then will exchange the ammo and you will got the long range ammo without perfuration to hit targets really far away.

The sniper ammo option works to all gametypes, and not just for this one.

If you never played that kind of Sniper Only gametype, both teams will receive a random sniper rifle if the class selected doesn't have a sniper rifle, and the teams must kill each other and the team with most kills in the end of the match wins.

All options are set in the default Team Deathmatch configs.

This is a respawn gametype.