COD4 | Frontlines


This was a variation of the gametype Assault, but the strike team are Paratroopers falling from the sky. But with the Forever project was introduced the Airborne Mode from Black Frontlines, and with that made the Strike gametype be exactly the same as playing Assault gametype + Airborne Mode. For that reason was created a brand new gametype to be the new Strike gametype.

The strike team must assault the enemy base destroying how many Targets as possible of the four available. The defenders must avoid that at all costs, or at least keep few of the Targets in one piece.

Each Target destroyed it's a point to the attacker team. The teams will be switching sides until the end of the rounds. The team with more points win.

It's a multibomb game with respawn in waves.

Strike Options
. scr_strike_timelimit
. scr_strike_roundlimit
. scr_strike_numlives
. scr_strike_bombtimer
. scr_strike_planttime
. scr_strike_defusetime
. scr_strike_playerrespawndelay
. scr_strike_waverespawndelay