COD4 | Frontlines


In this gametype the strike team must destroy a single target, carrying and planting a bomb to destroy it. They don't have respawn. The defenders in the other way must avoid that at any means necessary and DO HAVE respawn.

Hmmm... is it possible? without a nice Support probably not, that's why the strike team have up to 3 choppers at the same time to provide this support to the ground team do his job. But this is not all, 1 to 3 players are selected to be the Chopper's Gunner and fire with intelligence from there, providing cover to the ground team.

Then after the target is finally destroyed, who remained alive must retreat to the extraction point to get extra points for your team, while the Gunners (if still have any in in air) provide them support until they are safe.

The Gunner's ammo is not infinite, but have really lots of rounds available.

Support Points
Objectives Points
Target Destroyed 10
Each Soldier that Espaped during the Retreat 1

And this still not all, we can combine the gametype with Help Mode then only the strike team can save his teamates while the defense still can be killed/respawn like before, giving a very nice coop few of the gameplay, like the coop mode of COD:W@W for exemple.

This gametype become really fast one of the favorites gametypes with lots of requests on the server.

This is a conditioned respawn gametype.

Support Options
. scr_support_timelimit
. scr_support_scorelimit
. scr_support_roundlimit
. scr_support_roundswitch
. scr_support_bombtimer
. scr_support_planttime
. scr_support_defusetime
. scr_support_multibomb
. scr_support_playerrespawndelay
. scr_support_waverespawndelay
. scr_mission_sides_msg
. scr_support_gunner_2
. scr_support_gunner_3
. scr_support_gunner_class

In the Frontlines is automatic and balanced relative to the number of players, so it's also the number of choppers to support the ground team. To setup that you will use 2 vars, then set the numbers of players online to have 2 and 3 choppers. Here the table with the default and recommended values.

Support Number of Choppers Options
Variable Number of Players
scr_support_gunner_2 20
scr_support_gunner_3 30

About who will be the Chopper's Gunner theres few options to do that, the most used and recommended one is set as RANDOM, so anyone can be the gunner. But for Clan Wars is not that great since you have already your best gunners and already know that a bad gunner simply kils the team since will not have a well cover.

So I created a simple way to the clans setup that chosing one of the default classes to the gunners be only chosen from there. For exemple you setup as 4 (Demolitions), so the gunners of your team must select that class when you are in the strike team, them just one of the players which have this class that will be pick up as a gunner.

If will be just one gunner and have more than one with that class, the server will pick up randomly from just the players with the class selected.

Support Gunner Class Options
Type Result
0 OFF (random player) [ recomended to open servers ]
1 Assault
2 Spec Ops
3 Heavy Gunner
4 Demolitions
5 Sniper