COD4 | Frontlines


In the Surrender gametype the defenses are several damaged by airstrikes & artillery, then the strike team start an invasion with Paratroopers to force the enemy to surrender killing all their officers and a large amount soldiers.

The defense start with a amount of soldiers relative to the number of players connected in the server on that time, that number is the number of soldiers that the strike team must kill to force the defend team to surrender. But there's also 6 officers alive, and killing these officers make the enemy shake and lose a lot more than 1, is like how much higher is the rank of the officer killed, more will kill the spirit and moral of the team, forcing them to surrender earlier.

Below it's a table with the default officer's names and how many soldiers the team will lost if they are killed. You can setup the names of the officers in the config, but not the amount of soldiers lost. How much higher the Rank, more value have to the team the officer.

Surrender Officers Default Configs
Rank Officer Soldiers
#1 2nd Lieutenant 3
#2 1st Lieutenant 5
#3 Captain 10
#4 Major 15
#5 Colonel 20
#6 General 30

Each officer spawns alone, this means that at the start, only the officer with the smaller rank is spawned, once he is killed the next one will spawn. This will repeat until the last officer be killed. Officers can get UAV, Airstrikes and Heli Support easier than the soldiers so aside they must keep his head down and stay alive, they must also fight to help the team to maintain the defenses.

There's also a flag in the middle of the defense lines that must be protected by them, if they lose this flag they will surrender immediately raising a white flag. The strike team to capture this flag will need several men at the same time or the process will be very slow. This is to avoid the defense simply hide and not protect the line against the invasors.

So when the soldier's number reach to zero or the flag is captured, the strike team will win the round. If hit the timelimit the defenders will win the round. If the defenders wins the round, they will keep the number of soldiers alive as points, so if the enemy also survived the invasion who have more men alive in the end will win the match.

It's a respawn in waves gametype.

Surrender Options
. scr_surrender_timelimit
. scr_surrender_numlives
. scr_surrender_playerrespawndelay
. scr_surrender_waverespawndelay
. scr_surrender_sides_msg
. scr_surrender_army

The scr_surrender_army var means aprox how many lives each player can die in the defense. But of course, if is set to 15 and you died just 5, but have 2 other players that already died 20 times each, your team will lose, even without you dying so many times, but others used the lives from you.