COD4 | Frontlines


This gametype consist in several strikes against the enemy's position with all the support available, then after that a ground team will hunt and kill the Survivors of that strike. If the strike team succeed to eliminate all defenders until the timelimit they win.

The strike team will have access to several hardpoints in the first minutes of the round, they will not be able to move but will be immortal until the ground attack be released. But they can shot freely any enemy that think could cheat and camp their spawn waiting the release.

So with UAV, AirStrikes, Mortars, Artillery and Heli Support the strike team will weaken the enemy's defenses. During this time the defenders will have the anti-camping forcing them to move, so they will need to exchange positions during the attacks. So they will need to be smart to move in the right moment to not be killed by the strike, and also not by the anti-camping, which in this gametype is a little different than in the others. The campers will be located by the enemy and simply explode, carrying any other who is beside the camper. So is imperative that the entire team be in constant movent during the attacks, or many will die inside a hole by a stupid camper.

Once the ground team is released to hunt the survivors, the anti-camping will switch sides... then now the defenders will be able to camp like hell to survive while the enemy will be forced to attack with all forces. So it's smart save some UAV to hunt the survivors at this point of the game.

Of course this gametype can be played with closed maps, and also will not be much fun in very open maps because the defense will not have many places to get cover. So be smart to select maps to play this one then the gameplay will be amazing, it's quite nervous and scary to get cover of the mortars and artillery, moving from shelter to another shelter trying to survive, really a very fun gametype.

It's a no respawn gametype.

Survivors Options
. scr_survivors_timelimit
. scr_survivors_scorelimit
. scr_survivors_roundlimit
. scr_survivors_numlives
. scr_survivors_roundswitch
. scr_survivors_roundswitchspawn
. scr_survivors_sides_msg