COD4 | Frontlines


In this gametype you gonna enter into a Rebellion of prisioners of war. The Rebel team will find some weapons in the spawn, but some will not have much to fight.

They need to find a terminal and call for help and wait to the Rescue team arrives. When arrives a Heli will come to pick up the Prisioners and an extraction point will be marked.

If a single prisioner escape the Rebellion wins, if not the Guards will win the round.

In this case, the Guards are free to kill all the prisioners to avoid them to escape. An alarm will alert the release of the prisioners, and another small one for few seconds will alert when a terminal be violated.

Here the Weapons available in the Rebellion:

Ak47 Rifle
M14 Rifle
Winchester 1200 Shotgun
Beretta Pistol
Knife (Desert Eagle)

Each number of weapons are very limited and will be given as random to the players at the spawn. These numbers are relative of the number of players on the server. So how many players on the server, more good weapons will be available.

Of course, the Guard team have access to all weapons.

Teamwork is VERY important in this gametype, where the players with weapons must go ahead to kill some guards and bring new weapons to the others... SHARE the weapons with your team is the best tactic to follow.

It's also very helpfull unarmed players stay close behind the armed players, so they can get the weapons from the guards right away without the need to the player bring back the weapon to you.

TIP: if you didn't found any weapon on the spawn, change your class then you will be in the random selection again, and if still have any weapon available, you can get one if you got luck. You can repeat that until you find a weapon, or the limit to change class expired. Protect yourself first than start to try to find a weapon to not die in the spawn.

WARNING: If you got a weapon in the spawn and want to try for another one, if you do that you gonna waste this weapon, even if nothing more is available you will not get back this weapon that you refused, and will be in serious risk to don't get any other, aside throw a weapon away that could help your teamates to escape. Don't be selfish! Share the weapons!

All hardpoints are turned off in this gametype.

This is a no respawn gametype.

Uprising Options
. scr_uprising_timelimit
. scr_uprising_scorelimit
. scr_uprising_roundlimit
. scr_uprising_numlives
. scr_uprising_roundswitch
. scr_uprising_sides_msg [show msgs to help the players]
. scr_uprising_limit [set the min distance of active terminals]