COD4 | Frontlines


This gametype is the same Mission gametype but with a completely different objectives, which is probably the biggest and more complex multiplayer gametype ever created, which almost emulate a single player mission where you play at both sides, in the strike team trying to complete all the objectives, or in the defense team, where you just try to avoid the other team to complete them.

A super computer Virus was created and for security reasons was divided into 3 parts on the computers of the enemy Lab. Our mission is to find these computers and steal these 3 virus samples with our notebook (suitcase), with the complete virus go to the rescue site for the Helicopter to take the virus away. Meanwhile we must provide protection to the Helicopter so that it escapes. Afterwards we must evacuate the area because a nuclear attack will be done to destroy any other existence of the virus.

Lets take a better look at all the objectives:

Attack Team Objectives
1. Pick up the Notebook
2. Steal the 3 parts of the virus
3. Go to Extration Point to call the Helicopter
4. Protect the Helicopter to go away alive
5. Retreat to the Extraction Point before the Nuke Strike

Defense Team Objectives
1. Prevent them from picking up the Notebook
2. Protect all computers from stealing the virus
3. Avoid fleeing with the Virus
4. Take down the Chopper with the Virus (get RPG from the AMMO boxes)
5. Eliminate any surviving threats

. Any part of the stolen virus is stored in the notebook until it is taken
. If the Notebook falls due to the fall of Chopper, a new Notebook is given to the Attack Team to continue its mission
. Those who escape with the Suitcase will control Heli's Machine Gun to also help in their protection.
. Ammunition boxes give RPGs + Ammunition to the defense team to take down the Chopper easier, which is heavily armored against bullet shots. To pick up the RPGs just lean on the box and wait.
. There are 2 ways to play: In one only the attack team can pick up the Notebook (as it is in the SD) and the other both can pick up the Notebook, which makes everything much more difficult for the attack team despite having always the Notebook's location on the radar.
. In Airborne mode the Attack falls from parachute, and if the Chopper is shot down the Notebook will not be destroyed, but those who have fled with it will jump from parachute from the crashing chopper, then will be free to go to the extraction Point again and call another Chopper to rescue it.

Virus Objectives Points
Objectives Points
Steal the 3 parts of the virus (each part) 10
Go to Extration Point to call the Helicopter 10
Protect the Helicopter until it leaves the battlefield 10
Each Man which escaped during the Retreat 1
If both teams completed all Objectives, who did it faster 1*

* Complete faster means 1 point for doing that plus 1 point for each minute of difference between the time of the other team. So make a little faster and a 10 minutes faster will be a 10 points difference.

If both teams completed all Objectives, who did it faster will receive extra points for that as explained above. Aside that doesn't means who did it faster will win the match, since if a team managed to escape at least 11 men while the other which did it faster but no one has survived, the who saved more men will win.

So it's question to do your job with perfection, and not just rush for the objectives.

During a War the strike team must complete all objectives to conquest the territory.

This is a respawn gametype.

Virus Options
. scr_virus_timelimit
. scr_virus_numlives
. scr_virus_playerrespawndelay
. scr_virus_waverespawndelay
. scr_virus_sides_msg
. scr_virus_type

Virus Type Options
Type Result
0 NO weapons in the air (recommended)
1 weapons available in the air
2 random