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War Server

War Server it's a feature from Frontlines which will transform your server into a full war instead of isolated battles like all FPS servers in the world.

In a resume, the War Server will emulate a Single Player game using the maps from Multiplayer to trace a campaign where each team have the objective to advance into the enemy territory, find the VIP which have the location of the Commander and eliminate him. The first team to do that wins the war.

The War can be completly configured and played at any existed map or any gametype available in Frontlines, with or without the need to seek the VIP to reach the enemy's Commander, with the max of 3999 territories in the battlefield, with until 100000 soldiers to each side this War can take years to finish depending of the size of the battlefield and the limits configurated by the War Admin.

The War Admin of course will be able to save the war and continue whenever he want, determine which clans will play in each side, or even the players if you want to play a interclan war for exemple, you can play on each territory like a normal old fashion clan wars, where both teams plays in each side and who have the best score wins, or play it as realistic...

In Real mode the have just one chance to the attacker team to complete the objective of that map, or choose a mid-term by Waves, where the attackers have a selected number of chances to complete this objective, the teams can conquest reinforcements if won a selected number of battles in streak, with all these settings being configurated by the War Admin.

Battles Mode

With the R3L04D version was added an option to play a War in the War Server without the need to setup the battlefield, with Battles Mode everything is random and who wins a pre-defined number of battles first wins the War.

All maps and gametypes are selected from a pre-defined list, then select a surprise battle all the time until some team reach the final number of battles to win or lose all his army.

In Battles Mode is possible to have until 3999 battles in the same War, which you can save/load to continue in the other day like the original War Server. All the other rules are the same as previous, just doesn't have anymore the VIP shortcut and the need to kill the enemy's Commander to win.

War Server for what?

War Server - Exemples of Use
1. Friendly Wars
2. Clans X All
3. Public War Server
4. Interclan Wars
5. Tournament Wars (Leagues)
6. Multiclan Wars (Leagues)
7. Events / LAN

Friendly Wars

Your clan can invite a friendly clan to play a War during a night, day, weekend, week, month, year, or even years whatever the time it takes.

Will be a very nice way to training and compete at the same time among friends.

Clans X All

You can start a War Server to play with your clan against all the visitors of your server. Where any member will always connect to the selected team to represent the clan, while all others will automatically join the other team.

Public War Server

Yeah, you can start an OPEN War Server for anyone that connect at your server start to defend one team until the end... they will only be able to change teams IF they disconnect and stay disconnected throw an entire battle, without that, the players will be always at the same team they were in the last battle. Soon as the War ends will be re-started from the begin and new teams can be formed.

Interclan Wars

The clan can be divided in two teams which will fight a war during many days (or years), with that will stimulate the training of the members with more than just run & gun which in almost times get boring so fast, and with a greater objective to complete will stimulate a lot more the players, and with all that happening will encourage the creation of new tactics in each battle to both sides, which will make the players stronger to the clan in the future.

Tournament Wars (Leagues)

Instead of have just battles against many clans like the old fashion way of the leagues all over the globe, which in the end half of them simply quit the league because don't have more chances to win anything, what about to play a full war against them and start to eliminate the Clans soon as their Commanders are dead? of course there's no time to play big wars against all clans in earth, but for sure will be a lot more fun play a full war against few clans instead of many forfeits...

The format of the championships can be really many... with a lot more options that an old fashion leagues...

For exemple, we can have like a basic Cup elimination format, with 16, 32, 64 clans or more... then each clan will play a War against other Clan, who wins will go foward and the other is eliminated, and in each phase the League admin can set a FULL different war, so no more pass the entire year playing over and over the same maps, this will completly change during the war, and of course when change the phases... in the end the last 2 clans will dispute the final War in a nice full war against the other finalist...

Of course, you can play all battles with SD gametype, but why not mix them with other nice gametypes? or make them RANDOM? this will improve even more the battles and will make them a lot more diversified, where you can use the players of your clan that suck in SD but are great in DOM for exemple... all this is open for the admins.

Another format can make a clan play against 3 or 4 clans at the same time in 4 different wars, if a clan lose one of these wars he is eliminated and lose all the other wars, this will repeat until we have just one clan which pass to the second phase, with another War format with more 4 clans, and this will repeat until last just 2 clans to play the final War.

Of course keep 3-4 wars at the same time it's a lot more difficult, and will need players available 3-4 times a week to keep strongly the army in 3-4 different wars... so will need 3-4 good teams well balanced because your clan can't lose any of them to keep alive in the competition...

like you see, there's really MANY ways to create tournaments, cups and leagues with the War Server...

The server which will be played the battles could be selected by the Clan which is defending, or simply change from battle to battle... or for a number of battles selected before... it's all about the league admin rules

Multiclan Wars (Leagues)

What? yes... you could create a big War with friendly Clans or whatever clan which is interested to play, just set in the config each clans will be defending each side then play it together for a full weekend, or for every sunday night? or a chanpionship where in the first phase few clans plays side by side, and the winners will play against each other in the next phases, this could transmit experience from the old clans to the new ones, or simply exchange tactics when good clans play side by side.

You can enable "Mercenaries", which is let your server open then any other player will always join the team which have less players or if is equal, the team which is losing the battle. Will not have any control of team about them aside this rule... in the next match they will be able to switch sides like real Mercenaries...

This is also nice for celebrations, events or just friendly wars against some friendly clans

Events / LAN

Events like a full weekend running a War 24hs in a LAN should be really cool, dividing the places of the machines to the same team stay together until the end, and of course beeing replaced by the new comers over the places of the tired soldiers that left, trying to hold the territories when your team have less players, etc, etc... should be amazing!

Of course this could be made also over the internet against clans, or even countries!!!! You will be able to play a full war UK x France for exemple! Is just create a tag to each country and say to each player to use it to defend his country... for exemple a Brasil x USA could be [BRA] x [USA]

All this is really open and can be configurated by the War Admin.

War Server Tutorial

It's already online on my help forum a full tutorial about the War Server, including the basic idea to how to play and understand the scoreboard, until detailed information about how to create your own wars and run them at your server.

War Server Tutorial

There's lots of options to you be able to create your own War, with or without the VIP, from 3 to 3999 territories, with until 100000 soldiers to each side, etc... Aside that it's multilanguage friendly, so you can setup all the messages during the War and the Scoreboard to your language...

You can find all that and a lot more information in details in my help forum, please visit the link above and if you have any question, feel free to register and create a topic with your question.