COD4 | Frontlines


This gametype was inspired in the final battle of the movie Saving Private Ryan... Where with less men a team must setup the defenses for a short period to resist as much as possible to enemy's attack.

Well, the defender team have around 1 min (random) to setup the defenses in the map to hold until the reinforcements arrive.

They have lot's of Clays and C4 to who have these perks, and to the rest all get extra ammo. All defenders have just 1 life.

In the other side the attackers are frozen and protected at the spawn until the attack be released. They have infinite lives, few limitations in the weapons like no BombSquad, RPG, Noobtube, 3 frags & Hardpoints and will respawn in Waves (that's why the name).

Ok, the objective of the attack is kill all the defenders before the reinforcements arrive, if the reinforcement arrive all the dead defensors respawn with a Heli support, then there's no more respawn to BOTH sides.

If the defenders remains alive until the end of the timelimit they score, if not the strike team will score.

Waves Options
. scr_waves_timelimit
. scr_waves_scorelimit
. scr_waves_roundlimit
. scr_waves_roundswitch
. scr_waves_roundswitch
. scr_waves_roundswitchspawn
. scr_waves_playerrespawndelay
. scr_waves_waverespawndelay
. scr_waves_killcam
. scr_waves_type (0=No Flag/1=Flag)

After the R3L04D version there's a option to add a Flag in the defend respawn to avoid bad players playing hide & seek instead of defend the line! So if they loose the flag they loose the territory, but it's not that easy to conquest that flag. One soldier alone will need 1 min to conquest.

This flag was really created to force people defend the territory instead of get hide, so it's a secondary objective to the attack, that still need to kill all defenders to win.