COD4 | Frontlines


It's a kind of TDM with a very nervous twist.

In the first moment, you will think that is just another TDM, but if you kill the enemy with your knife he will simply not respawn anymore until the end of the round.

If a team be completely eliminated, the other team will "stole" their score.

If the timelimit ends, we gonna have an extra time with just knifes available... you can play this with just one round, or many as you want.

The main tactic is hurt the enemy to let they fall wounded and finish the job with your knife... but there's more...

If you kill 10 in streak you will get the Wrath! Which will make you "immortal" to bullets for around 40 seconds (random), and will help you butch your enemies with your knife. But remember that you still die by knifes and any kind of explosions.

This is very nervous and a respawn gametype.

Wrath Options
. scr_wrath_timelimit
. scr_wrath_scorelimit
. scr_wrath_roundlimit
. scr_wrath_numlives [10-100]
. scr_wrath_playerrespawndelay
. scr_wrath_waverespawndelay
. scr_wrath_roundswitch
. scr_wrath_type [Wrath On(1)/Off(0)]