Q2E Blood Culture | Download

!!! WARNING !!!

First I need to be very clear about this wasn't created for public release! Q2E Blood Culture was created to members of Blood Culture only. Now is available here only because people keeping me asking for a download site... then I uploaded the files today to Filefront to share my work with who want to use it for free.

Q2E Blood Culture come with lots of stuff selected, adapted, configured and modified to the clan, so with an unique huge pack all clan members can have everything needed to play at our server without problems.

But there's original stuff not made by myself like around 1700 maps, many mods, skins, bots, etc... Almost of them were created by several people around the world that I'll need to write a book to give credits to all of them. So the only credits that are there aside who was involved in this project are from ID Software (Quake 2) and TeamBlur (Quake II Evolved).

So if you have one or more of your works in this pack, feel free to contact me then I'll add your credits to this page with your email/site if you wish. Or if you do not agree with your work beeing distributed with Q2E Blood Culture, please let me know then I'll remove the game from Filefront and put this download area down.

So if you are reading this you are not a Blood Culture member, so this game wasn't made for you and he will never be a open release without the clan stuff or with the original weapons, etc... So please install and use as it if you wish and at your own risk.

To install you need to download all the five parts in the link bellow, then unzip. Type www.bloodculture.com.br in the password for installation.

Full Q2E Blood Culture Download
Q2E Blood Culture 2.0

!!! Do NOT install over your Quake 2 or you will destroy it !!!

Then install the latest patch available:

Patch Download
Q2E Blood Culture - Patch 2.2

Get the latest OpenAL Drivers if your game start without sound or is aborting.

If you would like to setup a Dedicated Server to your clan the config is very similar with Q2, and to default gametype is the same, but if you want to run a MOD (the compability with any Q2 MOD remains) you must use this syntax or will not work:

+set fs_game your_mod_dir

You can remove all the sounds, music, textures, skins and images from the Dedicated Server to be smaller for upload, no problem about that. Since the new vars are explained in the first page, there's nothing more that you must know to setup a Q2E Blood Culture server...

If you have questions or just need help to setup a server, feel free to contact me... but please don't send emails to add your clan logo to the textures or remove ours, or change anything in game... Remember, this project was made to Blood Culture community only.

Thanks for understanding... so... Let's Frag! :P