SWOS Brasil Em PortuguÍs

Seams that what I tryed to do in Sensible Soccer PLUS was really made with the release of Sensible World Of Soccer also know as SWOS. But not only have teams from South America, but also from North America, Africa, Asia & Oceania. With ALL National Teamss and many official Tournaments from all the parts of the world, inclued the most remote and obscure tournaments like a tournament from Vietnam for exemple, which never was featured in any other game in the history. All that made SWOS the best and the most complete soccer game ever, and that's why we play this game for so many years and created the best organized championships in the world, and we still are the model of a real SWOS Tournament for more than 15 years after we started. For more info please check the SWOS Brasil site.

The game also came with a lot improvements in graphics, audio, gameplay and the great Career Mode, where you can play also as the Manager of the Club, buying/selling players, change positions in the field, and receive offers to move to bigger clubs or until to command a National Team, all this aside playing. It's really a complete game.

But came with a small problem, you can't edit anymore the teams aside the Custom Teams ingame. And many south american teams had a not so precise uniform, and I want to fix them, and also keep the teams updated to have the best Brazilian Clubs in the game. And that was my first idea.

Then I edited all the teams I wanted from all over the world, fixing the uniforms and updating the players, all with hexadecimal coding. Yes, even the uniforms was edited with hexadecimal. I still have a book at home to each team uniform written in hexadecimal. Was already a lot of work.

But then came the idea, why not translate everything to portuguese and really make a brazilian version of the game? And that become in 1997 the first SWOS Brasil release.

Few years later I got SWOS 96/97, the last and the better release of SWOS series, and SWOS Brasil should be remade to this version too, but also was released in 1998 the PC SWOS EDITOR 1.40, and with that great tool was a lot more easy and fast to edit all the teams, which help me a lot in making SWOS Brasil 1.5 in 2000.

But I wasnt's satisfied yet, I got everything like a real brazilian game, all adapted to brazilian terms of soccer, but ingame what we have is a english guy talking... and this was really annoying me. I always would like to change the sounds, but looking around the internet I can only found many people that tryed, but all failed. Well, I finaly had some free time and decided to try myself alone, aside many warnings saying it's impossible.

Was really hard to make, probally was more work than all my MODs that I did in my entire life together, but I did it, and I did it with perfection. The result was really amazing to us, making the game a lot more fun to brazilians play it. And that become the final version of my MOD. SWOS Brasil 2.0 was released in 2002 in CD Only.

To change the sounds, first was needed a huge database of sounds to replace the original ones, but they needed to have the same source, or will not work well together. Then at World Cup 2002 in each brazilian game, I recorded the entire audio from the TV, always at the same volume and the same channel, with the same guy comments. Of course I chose the most famous guys in Brazil to do it.

Then I start to get the nice phrases and divide them in many files, and organize them by type. I made that accross all the World Cup then after a month of work I get a really great sound database to work in my MOD. Then the replace part of the work started with many tries and errors, and a lot of testing... I mean REALLY A LOT! A detailed info about how I did it and explaining how to anyone do the same to his own country was realeased HERE at SWOS Brasil where you can take a better look of how this was difficult to understand and make it work without any crash, like was in fact a feature of the game.

On that time the final version of SWOS Brasil was only released in CD because his size, but now for the first time SWOS Brasil 2.0 is fully available to download in the internet.

SWOS Brasil 2.0

To install just unzip into a folder then record everything already unzipped into the root of a CD. Now put this CD into your CD-ROM and execute SETUP to install the game like any normal game, just follow the instructions. Now keep the CD at your CD-ROM and start the game. That's it! Welcome to the SWOS Brasil.

Past Versions
Version Requirements
SWOS Brasil 1.0
SWOS 1.0 Installed
SWOS Brasil 1.5
SWOS 96/97 Installed

WARNING! don't install any of these past versions upside the SWOS Brasil 2.0.

To install the past versions you will need the respective right version of SWOS already installed at your computer. Then is just unzip in the main folder where you installed the original SWOS. So create a shortcut to that new file to your desktop. Double click in this shortcut to run the SWOS Brasil.