Técnico 2000 Em Português

This was my final project to complete my Technology Programming degree at PUC-RIO University. I did a Soccer Manager game in Delphi 3, with my own music, but the 3D animations and the logo were created by friends of mine. This isn't a MOD like the others in this site, was created from zero.

The game was based on the idea to make a manager game that make people really have fun playing, not just wanting to know the final score. The result was just a demo version, which you get the players of your club, and let you choose the first team with their positions, and the substitutes.

After you will play a friendly match against a team controled by CPU, which is a really good team, selected by myself with the same similar players that the human player have available.

The main idea of the game is pass the emotion of a soccer match, even without playing... but how to do that in a manager game without became boring to watch idiots dolls with poor AI running around without any sense until one side scores like almost games available in the market on that time?

The logic was simple, but aside that was really balanced and fair. First is decided who started with the ball, with 50% of each side, then the midfield player start with the ball, then will test the data of this midfield player against his marker (if have any), if they are 100% equals, both have 50% of chance to pass through his marker, if not, who have more points will have more chances than the other.

So if he pass, then he will have 2 or 3 options to pass the ball to another player, and again this is tested position by position, player by player, until reach the striker and the keeper, then if the striker wins, we have a GOAL!!

Ok, now the CPU knows what happened, I mean, if the striker will score or not, then the game will select an animation to show, and that's the trick to make this game really fun to play if one day gonna be produced... then we will have thousands of animations well designed with great realistic plays like a normal soccer match, could be until really videos of a arranged match just to make this game, and each play will have around 20 or more different finals, and many will have also the same beginning, to give the ilusion to the player, that he will never know what will happen. All the Animations were Divided by 3 levels:

Type of Play
Scored Fails

Per exemple, we have these 3 types of plays (we will have at least 100 if was produced):

1. Penalty Shot
2. Corner
3. Counter-Strike

Then a Penalty Shot is chosen by a Random query, and since the CPU knows if the striker scored or not, then will choose one of the animations of that type of play from the list that match with the result of that play. But first, the CPU will alert the player that happened a Penalty!

Penalty Shot
1. scored on the right below
2. scored on the left below
25. scored in the top middle
1. keeper save in the right below
2. keeper save in the left below
25. ball hit the left post

After the warning saying was a Penalty, will play the right animation... If was goal, then will play one of the animations from the Green List, if not, will play an animation from the Red List. Then goes on until the end of the first half and the match. Since the player will never know the result of the animation, only knowing what is showing on his screen... he will have the same emotion as watch a real soccer match, hoping that his team really score, and beeing sad everytime that a chance was wasted.

For the demo was made only 2 animation, with the same play, but one finish with a goal, and the other finish with the ball going out. Was because limitation of time and money to make them on the time, and again, this was just a project demo, not the big deal.

If you want to try it, this version don't have the music because was a data/audio CD, like almost games on that time to save RAM to the game and playing a CD will not consume almost no one resources of my poor Pentium 100mhz with 80mb of RAM and a amazing 1mb VGA IDE Card in the end of 1998. But if you put any music CD, he will use the first 3 songs in the game.

Técnico 2000

Just unzip into a folder then install like was a normal game following the instructions. The game is entirely in Brasilian Portuguese, and it's just a demo.

By the way I got 10/10 in the game itself, but got 7/10 in the documentation, getting my final score as 8.5/10, a great score for a final project at PUC-RIO, the highest scored of that day. Later my final project was selected as one of the best of the year, and showed at the University Convention on the next year.