Frontlines | Map Contest

The Map Contest

Are you a mapper? Want to have your maps released on the Frontlines MapPack?

Frontlines is searching for great maps to be released in his upcomming MapPack, which will be released on this site and in most famous gamming communities in the world, on sites and magazines... and all this for free!

If you want your name and work side by side with the mod that will change gamming FPS servers of the world forever, that's your chance!

Will be 3 Categories in this contest:

American Invasion
European Invasion
World Invasion

Categories Details

American Invasion will need only maps of US ground like the White House, Statue of Liberty island, NY Streets, NY Subway, a Destroyed Disney, SF Bridge, etc... and why not in Alaska?

European Invasion will need only maps in Europe ground, like London Streets, Greek Coast, Germans Medieval Castles, Cabans in the Icy Mountains in Norway, Eiffel Tower in Paris, etc, etc, etc...

And the World Invasion could be maps from all the parts of world, in Cape Town in Africa, Sidney in Australia, Rio in Brazil, from really any place from Japan, China, Arabian and Sounth American Countries and until Cuba. Maybe Antartida? Any other place in the world...

Any map do NOT need to be a perfect copy of the actual place, you can add/remove things to make the gameplay better and balanced, destroy things like was bombed before or years before, really free to your ideas, since make they seams real... even a destroyed Disney must appears real...

Also you are free to map your own street or highschool, or any place of that could fit in one of these 3 categories, even if are not famous... or never exist... not problem at all... the war will not take place only at famous places.

How to Participate

all your information with name, contact email, site, etc... and a link to download your map entries.

To each map you must send the Category that he will fit and also if is Single-Side or Double-Side.

Single-Side means that can only be played at one direction, like you create a big bunker, so the defense will be always spawned inside the bunker to protect the bunker (or the Commander/Vip) while the attackers will be always spawned outside. Don't make any sense spawn defensors outside and attarckers inside the bunker.

Double-Side means that you can invert that without problems like all stock maps from COD4... so if you invert that will only give to the map a new feel, but will still make sense... you only will spawn in a different location... as exemple could be a map based in NY streets, or central park... but never a map where you need to get in into something like the White House, must be all open and with undefined areas.

and that's all I need...

The Contest expires when I think that I already released enough Wars, I'll start releasing them soon as I have enough maps to do it... So you have a good time to make great maps for Frontlines, because we are looking for QUALITY maps not quantity. So you must send the maps overtested and with no bugs, please don't rush...

Map Ideas

If you don't have any ideas about what to map, or just need a start, anything with themes like attackers/defenders and specially Commander/VIP protection will be great... Here are few of my ideas that will help you evolve your own ideas.

Statue of Liberty - Map Concept This is an idea that I had a long time ago but never fit into any game until Call of Duty 4 be released. And now really fits like a glove. The terrorists want to blow up the statue while the marines will try to stop them. You could make this like on the pic or make the map at night and raining like the Wet Work stock map. Add underground paths and one bomb there below the statue, and the other on the outside. Crashed choppers to the map will be also cool to give a feel that is the last try... there's up to you the rest.

here few Single-Side maps:

a big bunker where the defenders need to keep the position when the attackers must invade and control the bunker.

Commercial Building
A big commercial building with elevadors, stairs, with many office rooms, bathrooms, lunch shop, etc... where the defenders spawn at the top of the building and the attackers in the first floor...

Safe House
a big house with all the details of a real house, where a VIP is underprotection... then the defenders spawn inside the house and the attackers on the streets...

a hideway where a Commander/VIP is under protection, could be in the middle of a jungle, city, desert, ship, or wherever you want... could be the White House and the VIP the president of USA.

here more Double-Side ideas:

Soccer Stadium
with all the stuff that an stadium have, you could make it also half destroyed to give more a feel of war.

Central Park
NY Central Park fight, in the day, night or snow... I know will be great!

Destroyed Disney
what about a Disneyland after a enemy bombing? or any other famous park?

Greek Coast
imagine fighting between the many white houses and small streets?

Copacabana Beach
a battlefront between the two sides of deserted and bombed Copacabana beach?

You can also add bots as sentries if you want, or unarmed civilian bots if you wish too, maybe a speach map or something? There's only one rule : make them real!

Important Tips

1. make them real, even in fiction scenarios, keep it real as if really happen.
2. make them 100% compatible with Search & Destroy (sd) gametype to work with the gametypes of Frontlines.
3. support to other gametypes are welcome but not necessary.
4. don't make them smaller then the stock maps, make them bigger if possible.
5. make them beauty and balanced to have a great gameplay.
6. please overtest your map, no bugs allowed.


Q. Can I send more than one map?
A. Yes, you can send how many you want

Q. I already sent a map, can I send more later?
A. Yes, no problem.

Q. How many maps will be selected?
A. It's undefined, if we have only 3 good maps in 100, will be just 3... but if we have 50 in 100, will be 50... Frontlines is searching for great maps.

Q. If my map be selected can I add him to my site or another place for single download?
A. Yes. The only exclusiveness that we request is that your map not be part of any other map packs, ever.

Q. I already have a map released in my site/any other site, but I would like to send to Frontlines... is it possible?
A. Yes. No problem at all... Fronlines need great maps, doesn't matter how old is he.

Q. Can I send my map to another map contest?
A. Sure. Since is not a contest to be part of another mod map pack.