Here you will find all the press attention that I got with my Mods.

TV Shows

On 2008.02.22 my mod HER Battlefield 2 was featured at GIGA TV, a famous gaming TV Show in Germany (in german only). You can check also the original page about the show in german here, and a "translated" version in english over here by Babel Fish. Click at HER Battlefield 2 to know more about this mod.


BASH Interview

On 2008.04.15 I was interviewed by Jock Yitch followed by a live interview to his webcast, both to his BASH and SLASH gaming site, which is a really nice site about FPS games. Take a listen and don't forget to check also the text interview here.

Hajas Interview about HER Airborne
On 2008.03.25 I was interviewed by Manzi from Total Gaming Network about HER Airborne and all the stuff behind the failure of MOH Airborne. You can read the Full Interview here and also leave your Comments on the forums.


COD4 File of The Week On 2008.04.02 my mod Frontlines become the COD4 File of The Week at COD Files, one of the most famous Call of Duty sites in the world. Which still is the non-official COD4 file with more downloads in this site until today. You can check about that here.

Frontlines - Mod DB Highlight On 2008.03.28 Frontlines was featured in the modding highlights of march 2008 at Mod DB, which is the biggest mod community in the world.

Frontlines - Mod Of The Week On 2008.03.08 Frontlines was chosen the Mod Der Woche (Mod Of The Week) at this famous german gaming site, which I think was the start of the success of Frontlines in Germany.


Frontlines at PC Games Magazine On 2008.04.23 Frontlines was featured in the famous german magazine PC Action and also released on their double DVD. Few days later on 2008.04.30 the same article was printed in the PC Games magazine (another very famous magazine from Germany) and also my mod was featured in his DVD. You can download here the full article in PDF with high quality (in german only).