Duke Nukem 3D

This amazing game was one of my fave games of that time. After played it a lot and created few test maps, I decided to create THE MAP for the game, and based on the last level of a single player mission that ends in a Football Stadium came to my mind my great monstrous idea.

I wanted to create the Maracan„ Stadium map, which is in fact the biggest soccer stadium of the world, and I want to make everything, with bathrooms, lunch stores, really everything... the most close to the reality as possible.

But the game was designed to a 486 and I was using a 386 which give me many lags playing, specially underwater, and what I was trying to do was so much for my computer, and of course a lot more than the Engine can support, and the map editor will never compile something so much big like I was planning. Of course I didn't had any idea about that or I would never get this project started.

Then the reality will bring to my eyes in a day or another, then the map started to crash, everything were too much slow, I was a lot pissed off, until that I finally quit, deleted everything and never played again the game until many years later, when I played in LAN for few months with friends, and was really fun even in 2000. This was my first and only MOD that didn't work. And believe me, when Serious Sam II came out I thought at least for a moment in make this project come true.