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When this game was released I really loved the maps, weapons, vehicles, sounds, effects, environments... really almost everything except one thing which was so bad that killed the game for me... realism. Until the lack of real objective can be forgiven, but not a game that you need to waste a full clip to kill just ONE soldier in front of you...

Was such a waste have a so great game destroyed to make it easy, but so easy that until in Quake you will kill/die more fast than in Battlefied 2.

Well, after almost 2 years without play the game, I realized that Christmas was coming and I'll have my family over here in almost days of December, and BF2 could be a great game to play in LAN, since have BOTs, lots of stuff to do, explode, kill, etc... and after the success of HER Airborne, I was thinking... why not save this game too? That's how all started...

Wasn't difficult to MOD aside it's a VERY DIFFERENT engine than Quake and Unreal which I'm more familiar, but when I finaly found how works, was very easy.

I know about Project Reality, which is a amazing MOD with a lot more stuff and serious gameplay than mine, but was more close to simulation and will not work well to play with people that don't use to play much FPS games, so I made a smaller and smartter MOD to add realism to the game without change many files and create big packages of thousands of megas to download, and keeping the original fun gameplay.

1. All Weapons are Deadly Now (Pistols Inclued)
2. Anti-Tank a lot more powerfull, so infantary aren't "unarmed" targets anymore
3. Damage of Tanks shots are a lot more powerfull
4. Well balanced weapons to give a nice and fun gameplay
5. And Yeah! Now you can play as Sniper if you wish!
6. Blood FX
7. More Bots to Play on COOP MODE in LAN
8. New Bot Names (Clan members from BC, 3rL and NER)

HER Battlefield 2.5 (patch 1.5)
HER Euro Force Map Pack (patch 1.5)
HER Battlefield 2.0 (patch 1.41)

!!! WARNING !!!
HER was made upside patch 1.41 & patch 1.5, so should not work with older versions.
!!! please update your BF2 with the latest patch !!!

Follow the instrunctions below to Install and load the MOD.

1. Install BF2
2. Patch to 1.41
3. Patch to 1.5
4. Unzip inside your BF2 folder
5. Then copy all your maps to BF2\mods\her\Levels
6. Unzip map pack inside BF2/mods/her/levels overwriting

Loading the MOD
. Run the game, go to COMMUNITY then CUSTOM GAMES
. Now click on HER and then LAUNCH

Creating a Shortcut to Load Directly HER
. Create a shortcut like this at your desktop

"C:\[Your BF2 Path]\BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/her

. Then will run HER directly

If you enjoyed HER Airborne, you will probally also love HER Battlefield 2 which don't have the same level of realism of GRAW, but is very close of the realism/gameplay of COD4. Now just wait for the release of HER Battlefield 2142...

!!! If your game became slow with HER please read below !!!

Few people complained about the game became slow when playing with HER Battlefield 2. These things can happen because this MOD changes the default number of bots from 16 to 48 and increase their intelligence, so these features will request more CPU to process.

So if you are having this problem, your machine is not fast enough to take care of so many bots. Please install the patch below to comeback to have just 16 bots.

Download - For Slow Machines Only
HER Battlefield 2 - For 16 Bots Only

Just unzip inside your Battlefield 2 folder telling to overwrite the files then you will have the problem solved. Again, this is only for people who is experiencing lags during the gameplay using HER, if you are not having problems, you should not install this patch.