HER | Battlefield 2142 ( HER Titan )

HER Battlefield 2142 HER Battlefield 2142

This MOD was created as a shadow of HER Battlefield 2 and again with the same goal: Fix the game and make it more balanced and realistic! And since I was working on that why not add more cool stuff?

HER Battlefield 2142 Features
1. All weapons now are really deadly with 1 or 2 shots
2. Anti-Tank Weapons are twice deadly as before
3. Blood Effects (by Murdock & Rest'n'pit)
4. More Bots to Play on COOP MODE in LAN
5. New Bot Names (Clan members from BC, 3rL and NER)
6. The fun gameplay remains the same

This MOD was created to play in COOP mode in LAN, but works great both SP and MP, giving some fear to the players that will kill fast, but also die fast. Will work in all versions of BF2142 and also in ANY map ever created.

With HER installed you will experience a realistic future war, with the same fun gameplay.

MOD Download
HER Battlefield 2142

Follow the instrunctions below to Install and load the MOD.

1. Install BF2142
2. Apply all patches and Northern Strike DLC then your BF2142 will be 1.51
3. Unzip HER 2142 inside your BF2142 folder
4. Then copy all your maps to BF2142\mods\her\Levels
5. Unzip the map pack inside mods\her\Levels overwriting

Loading the MOD
. Run the game, go to COMMUNITY then CUSTOM GAMES
. Now click on HER and then LAUNCH

Creating a Shortcut to Load Directly HER
. Create a shortcut like this at your desktop

"C:\[Your BF2142 Path]\BF2142.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/her

. Then will run HER directly

Map Pack Download
HER Battlefield 2142 Map Pack

HER BF2142 Map Pack is for Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Coop. All tweeked to work with bots in HER BF2142. All will work fine with the Northern Strike DLC and BF2142 version 1.51.

Map Pack Install

1. Install BF2142
2. Apply all patches and NS DLC then you will have 1.51 installed
3. Install HER BF2142
4. Copy all maps to the Levels folder inside mods/her
5. Unzip this pack upside mods/her/Levels saying to overwrite anything
6. Enjoy the War!

Many of them will work in past versions of the game and even with HER Titan, but do NOT overwrite the maps which came with HER Titan, NEVER! Or the Titan mode will never work again. So if you want to use these with HER Titan, follow these instructions below.

Map Pack Install for HER Titan

1. Install BF2142 (must be 1.0 to HER Titan work!)
2. Install the FULL VERSION of HER Titan BF2142
3. Unzip this pack upside mods/her/Levels saying to NOT overwrite anything
4. Enjoy the War!

!!! If your game became slow with HER please read below !!!

Few people complained about the game became slow when playing with HER Battlefield 2142. These things can happen because this MOD changes the default number of bots from 16 to 48 and increase their intelligence, so these features will request more CPU to process.

So if you are having this problem, your machine is not fast enough to take care of so many bots. Please install the patch below to comeback to have just 16 bots.

Download - For Slow Machines Only
HER Battlefield 2142 - For 16 Bots Only

Just unzip inside your Battlefield 2142 folder telling to overwrite the files then you will have the problem solved. Again, this is only for people who is experiencing lags during the gameplay using HER, if you are not having problems, you should not install this patch.

My wife simply love to play this game in LAN and we are so tired of the default maps, so got some mods to unlock all the weapons and all the maps to be played on LAN in SP or COOP. So I found Titan Lite II created by Jalaw which worked great merged with HER, then HER Titan was born.

Well, since I already received many requests to unlock the weapons and maps, I decided to release this version also to the public to make everyone happy.

HER Titan Battlefield 2142 (FULL INSTALL)

This is a FULL INSTALL version of HER Titan, all that you need it's the original unpatched game and this file. Just unzip the file inside the mods folder and follow the instructions in the read me to load.

HER Titan don't let you play Titan gametype with bots, this unfortunatelly is not possible with ANY mod because the bots didn't work and can't interact with the Titans. But you will be able to play in all Titan maps the Conquest gametype with bots, and now also with HER.

If you want to install both mods separeted, keep reading! If not you don't need the next files!

Download HER Titan + Titan Lite II by Jalaw
HER Titan Battlefield 2142
Titan Lite II

To this version work, you need to install Titan Lite II first at your BF2142, then unzip HER Titan into the same dir you installed Titan Lite II saying to overwrite all the files. Then you gonna play in all maps, with all weapons and with realism.

If you don't have the Titan Lite II mod, above have also the link for download.

And below you also gonna find an update that will turn your HER Titan into a light version with less bots to you be able to play HER Titan in slower machines. Unzip inside where you installed the Titan Lite II only if you are having lag during the gameplay.

Download - For Slow Machines Only
HER Titan Battlefield 2142 - For 16 Bots Only