MW2 Frontlines

The MW2 Frontlines mod was (for now) created exclusively for the Blood Culture's server of Modern Warfare 2 under the AlterIW.Net. It's a light version of COD4 Frontlines R3L04D with the "brain" features of the mod to give us great and balanced gameplay with some famous features as HER and the Intelligent Server to name a few.

Since the real MW2 become a big FAIL in the multiplayer community mainly because the lack of dedicated servers, and some very smart guys created the AlterIW.Net which is in resume an alternative network with dedicated servers with the game, even letting us create mods. While the original game failed this alternative version became a great success, and it's very stable in the latest releases, what made me have a try in play and convert my mod.

Here the features of MW2 Frontlines:

MW2 Frontlines Features
. HER - Hajas Extreme Realism
. Frontlines Damage Feedback
. Aim to Fire need to full damage
. Hajas Spawn Protection
. Intelligent Server (IS)
. Intelligent Anti-Camping
. Spam Messages
. Original Rank System as playing on the original server
. Random Maps
. Random Gametypes
. Frontlines Rotations
. Medic/Wounded System
. Force Auto-Assign
. Hardpoints are harder to get

Since the release of the first version our server become very popular and today it's very difficult to find a slot to play there. So we already rented another bigger and better server to let more people play MW2 Frontlines.

There's no plans yet for a open release. If you are really interested feel free to contact me.