2013.11.26 | COD4 Frontlines R3L04D

Frontlines R3L04D!

This project is closed since 2011 but we are still playing a lot and aside I could not add a single line of code without crash the game because I crossed all the limits of the engine, I decide to start several optimizations and improvements in the code to open space to let me come back to work into this mod again.

After several hours of studing the code I found out some weird ways to open some free space, which aside is minimal it's enough to do few amazing things and improvements that I wanted to do for many time. A beta version is already online at Blood Culture servers and everyone is loving the improvements. A topic was open in the forums with the progress of this new version.

Bots still impossible to this version since I'll need to code them to each of the 42 gametypes, something impossible to do with the space that I have available to work right now, but might be a solution in the way... something EPIC is coming again to Call of Duty series.

The first big improvement it's the Airborne Mode which is already working and we are doing the final tests. This new mode simply add more 38 new gametypes to Frontlines. Come to the servers to test them with us. We play every Sunday @ GMT-3 since 2008, but also have matches on Tuesday and Friday with less players. You are all welcome to join us!

Frontlines R3L04D - Global WAR Server

2013.09.06 | HER Battlefiend 3

HER BF3 Released!

HER Battlefield 3 was released anyway aside the sabotage made against my mod by DICE. You can now have HER BF3 at your own server.

If you don't have any idea of what HER BF3 is, take a look in this video below.

You can taste the gameplay at our server online in USA! Bring your friends and have a try!

2013.05.16 | Q2E Blood Culture

After almost 5 years without touch in this project I decided to do a small but great update to our beloved Quake 2 Evolved Blood Culture.

Got his Memory Allocation improved to deal with LOTs of INTELLIGENT bots like Quake 2 never were able to handle, and aside that Widescreen resolutions (without any distortions) were added, incluiding FULL HD. The new bots are now only available at our dedicated server below and STILL is in development.

Also uploaded for the first time the FULL version to MODDB with the new patch.