Medal Of Honor Spearhead

Medal Of Honor is probably my fave FPS game series, and I played a lot his MP over the internet, specially Spearhead, his 1st Expasion Pack. I would like to make a lot more for this game that I did, but on that time I was a lot busy with music which not allowed me to do how much I wanted without lose my wife.

All that I did were server scripts to play in LAN with BOTs with my friends at home, which I'm still playing these days, and also a small MOD to the fictional but great map called Eagle's Nest.

Isn't a great MOD, was only a change of the Hitler's Model/Skin into the map, removing his original Sand Color Uniform, and give him a more strongest look, with a black uniform and a different expression on his face, which gave him an appearance more agressive than the "afraid" original version. The other feature was a bug fix about the Crazy Boris skin, was appearing without face on that map.

The great point on that MOD, it's if you installed my modified map, you don't need to have the original one to join servers with the original map, and of course, you will not be kicked because don't have it. So with my map, you will see the new Hitler in any server in the world, doesn't matter if they have my version or not.

Hajas Eagle's Nest

Just unzip into you MAINTA folder and have a nice play. This was created to play with Spearhead and was only tested there, but I believe that will also work with AA and BT without problems.